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Old friends and new meetings


We love the friendship between Stefan and Caroline in The Vampire Diaries. Will we see more than that?Definitely, and in fact, will make an important discovery in the next episode. Candice Accola also tells us that she is happy that Stefan and Caroline are finally sharing more time on-screen. "Both are struggling trying to support their loved ones in difficult circumstances, which are not necessarily of agreement", she says. "So a through that and find a friendship that has existed since some time ago". (TV Guide) Got some progress on what lies ahead for Delena? do you return to one of the most memorable moments of the couple, her dancing in the parade of Miss Mystic Falls in season 1? The two will meet once more together on the dance floor in the contest of this year and this time without Stefan in the midst of them. Also in this episode, there will be a serious tension between Elena and Caroline. Hmmm...could be these two related developments? (E! online)

New characters arrive at Mystic Falls

Two new faces are coming to Mystic Falls. Camille Guaty and Charlie Bewley will be guest stars in at least two episodes of The Vampire Diaries, reports TV Guide. Guaty, whose credits include Prison Break and Las Vegas, interpreted to Caitlin, a woman from the past of Professor Shane (David Alpay).  Shane has been helping Bonnie (Kat Graham) to learn their magic again, but could be bad news, taking into account that it was he who sent the Hunter of vampires Connor (Todd Williams) to Mystic Falls. While both, Bewley, I interpret to the Dimitri vampire in the twilight saga, will give life to Vaughn. Details of the role - with the exception of which will be strong and tough - kept secret, but we are guessing (and hoping!) that will be one of the five. Both actors will appear for the first time in the 13th episode, with the possibility of returning for more. Do you believe that the new additions are good or bad news?.

A merry christmas in Mystic Falls? I don´t think so

 (almost) Christmas in Mystic Falls! Although Parties are not mentioned because the series has a crazy chronology (is still 2010 in Mystic Falls?), we'll see a chapter with a winter landscape just before the Christmas break, and it will be cheerful and happy and all that good stuff. "It's very beautiful," said Candice Accola. "The set was completely beautiful, and is a very crazy chapter. It is huge and there are lots of things to do. And everything is going well, and is perfect and wonderful, and there are no problems, and all happily drink chocolate at the end of the chapter." (This just arrived: Candice Accola is a dirty liar.)

1st RE#ASH on The Vampire Diaries with Arielle Kebbel

The cast plays SHAG, MARRY, STAKE

A funny interview with TV Guide, Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola, Steven R. McQueen and Joseph Morgan confess with characters would they have a wild night or with whom they would get marry and who would they kill. While some answers are obvious (everyone wants to marry Matt), some are surprising.

First season´s break

Because of Thanksgiving celebration Day in the United States, this week wo´t premiere of The Vampire Diaries episode.
The calendar is the following:

29th November - "My Brother's Keeper" 4x07
6th December   - "We'll always have Bourbon Street" 4x08
13th December - "Oh, come, all ye faithful" 4x09

After this date we'll have a new Christmas break until the third week of January.

Candice Accola talks about Klaus, Miss Mystic Falls and the winter wonderlands


Question- What Caroline will do from now on?
It seems to me that this season, Caroline tries to be as a kind of Center moralistic for not only her, but for everyone that surround it. For Elena, during its transition, to Tyler, making sure that nothing will happen to them. It is now very safe about who he is as a vampire, who is as a woman, and what she feels is right in any situation. So, we will see that if you need to do the right thing for a right cause, it will do so, as well as if you need to make a sacrifice for the people of her around.

Question: A theory of the fans, is that Candice will spend more time with Klaus to distract him and prevent that he learns of what Tyler and Hayley is plotting.
Caroline has used feel of Klaus in the past in their favor to distract him so that they could execute your move and try to overcome Klaus at their own game. We have seen this before, and certainly will come back to see. But I do not think that Klaus will be so forever, they can change the tide at the last moment. I think that is tempting for viewers, see characters such as Klaus. One second you think that he is the good guy, and a second later it becomes bad. It is clear that he has a genuine side, and is what we see when is with Caroline.

Question: Elena when asked why not asked for help Caroline to learn to feed themselves rather than Damon, Elena said that Caroline was too good in this... I think that's a question that viewers were. And you?
Yes and no. Personally, I love, everything that the screenwriters are doing, so I never ask myself what's happening because we are sure that they will reveal it throughout history, as they have done with previous seasons. But if Caroline had a single second for wondering why Elena did not come to ask for your help, if you listen to is really good in it (Caroline understand), we know that nature is very perfectionist. Watch her giving a party, and see how sure prepare up to the smallest detail. He wants to be the best in what he does.

Question: You mentioned the plan a party. In the chapter on November 29 we have Miss Mystic Falls, and as the winner of the previous one, does Caroline things to do in that event?
Yes. Caroline works with the Lady Lockwood to announce the nominees to Miss Mystic Falls. Furthermore undertakes decoration and organization of the same. Basically it is that takes care of it.

Question: The fans are saying that Caroline will bring as couple underside to Klaus.
There are photos of Caroline and Klaus together in Miss Mystic Falls. Certainly they will have their time together.

Question: There is a party whose theme is "Winter Wonderland" (winter paradise) in the chapter on December 13. Would you feel to Mystic Falls?

The truth is that the decor is incredible. It really was a "Winter Wonderland". It was great in Georgia, be sipping some tea hot or coffee while you're sitting outside, because they also have artificial snow and all those beautiful lights and sounding Christmas songs. It was very cool to go to work that week.

Question: The synopsis of this episode says that Stefan and Caroline are in disagreement with Tyler about their plans for Klaus and their hybrids. It seems Caroline lately had much to do with Stefan.
We are going to see to see that Caroline and Stefan interact more this season. Stefan is constantly trying to do the right thing for Elena, although it is not necessarily what it seems she wants. And Caroline tries to do the right thing in what to the safety of all concerned, including Tyler, the love of his life, even if he is willing to risk it all. I don't think that Caroline is prepared to risk his life. So, it seems that you between Caroline and Stefan arises a friendship trying to protect those who care about them, even if they themselves do not want to be protected.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

New spoiler about Jeremy


Jeremy will start to feel that his life is meaningless unless he completes the tattoo. So he will want to kill vampires, and will be overwhelmed by this need. The question is, willhe be willing or not to kill the vampires who knows?.

Wickery Bridge

After the wickery bridge in "We all go a little mad sometimes" some things will maybe change between Damon and Elena.

This is what happened in "We all go a little mad sometimes"

But what will happen in "My brother´s keeper"?

Which couple will survive?

We told you someone would be breaking up on "The Vampire Diaries" before Thanksgiving, and if you were paying attention to the way the music swelled during Stefan and Elena's goodbye kiss last week, you probably got a clue that it was going to be their last one for a while. On tonight's incredibly anxiety-inducing episode, "We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes," the show's "epic" duo split... but will it last this time?

Elena was definitely in a post-traumatic state when she confessed to Stefan that things have changed between her and Damon. She'd been plagued by horrifying visions of Connor, her first victim. These hallucinations caused her to stab her brother in the neck, stake Stefan, and listen to relentless flagellation from Katherine.

When she got to Wickery Bridge, where her parents died, Elena saw her mother. Miranda Gilbert practically sweet-talked her daughter into killing herself by removing her ring, the way that Elena's bio-mom, Isobel, did.  Elena tossing her ring off the bridge didn't lead to her death, but it did have some powerful symbolism, particularly when you think about the romantic moment when Stefan put the ring on her finger.

Despite what she'd been through, Elena's emotional confession wasn't the result of exhaustion. Instead, she was doing her best to be honest with Stefan -- and by extension, with Damon -- about her feelings, and how they've changed since she made her "choice."

Lexi is back in "We´ll always have Bourbon street"

Lexi is back in The Vampire Diaries, but this time in a flashback were we will see Stefan and Damon in uniform in 1940, New Orleans. Don´t miss "We´ll always have Bourbon street"

First stills of "We´ll always have Bourbon street"

Audience of "We all go a little mad sometimes"

This Thursday The Vampire Diaries down slightly on the number of viewers with little more than...84 million spectators, but remains stable and strong in the population with 1.3.

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"My brother´s keeper"

Next week we will not have a new episode, the series returns on November 29.

The contest of Miss Mystic Falls - Caroline makes everything possible for Stefan and Elena at a difficult time.  Damon tries to convince Stefan that will help you discover the true motives of Prof. Shane but Stefan tries to carry out a different plan with Klaus. At the annual meeting of Miss Mystic Falls, Elena and Caroline help April and give advice on which dress to choose, while Tyler and Hayley work together in a secret project, and Damon confronts Prof. Shane with suspicion. Alarmed by the nightmares that this taking, Jeremy asks Matt for help, but things get complicated sooner than expected.
Olympic gold medalist Grabrielle Douglas also makes an appearance.

Jeffrey Hunt directed the episode written by Caroline Dries and Elizabeth R. Finch

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winter wonderland in Mystic Falls

Before we know it, the winter holidays will arrive in full force and what better way to celebrate the yuletide season than joining the Salvatore brothers for some dancing, eggnog, and caroling? Yep, that’s right — the rumors are true. Mystic Falls will host a winter wonderland extravaganza — complete with snowy pleasures and candy cane decor — on the ninth episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 4. And it will be a heart-wrenching and utterly shocking merry ol’ time indeed. Dive in for the full details in the official synopsis for “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” which airs on December 13, 2012:

New promotional pics

To starve a vampire give blood

On The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert), Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore), and Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore) all play characters who can’t get enough of that sticky sweet sap known as blood. (Yummy yummy.)

Well, sometimes even hungry baby vamps and their Ripper of Monterrey beaus believe in placing the delicious blood bags aside in order to help out with a good cause. And in this case, the cause happens to be a blood drive hosted by the Red Cross. So go ahead –  starve a vampire and save a life by donating some of your blood today! Call 1-800-GIVE LIFE.

Without further ado, here’s a special PSA — starring Nina, Ian, and Paul — brought to you by The CW & TVD :

Trouble brews between Caroline and Tyler

From the instant they became interested in one another, Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola) and Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) have not enjoyed a blissful peace as a couple. (Well, give or take a few cave sex scenes…) If it’s not Klaus abusing his hybrid sire bond with Tyler to make him his b*tch, it’s poor Caroline trying to keep her fangs detected by the Founder’s Council. Basically, whatever dangerous situation arises in Mystic Falls, it usually spells trouble for poor Forwood. And, in The Vampire Diaries Season 4, trouble takes on a whole new form when Tyler’s best werechick friend arrives in town and decides to set up camp at the Lockwood mansion.

Check out what Ausiello over at reports on the upcoming rivalry between Caroline and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin)…and Caroline’s change of heart towards Klaus (Joseph Morgan):

First still "We´ll always have Bourbon street"

We will see how Katherine is in 1940

The Vampire diaries with 5 nominees in the People Choice Awards

They were today officially announced the nominees for the next Choice Awards 2012, awards in which the audience chooses their shows and favorite stars. The Vampire Diaries managed to prevail in four categories with a total of 5 nominations including Best Sci-fi/Fantasy series, best Drama Actor, best actress Drama and best community of single Fans.

 You can still vote, click on the photo and you will be redirected to the page. 

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show:
“Doctor Who”
“Once Upon A Time”
“The Vampire Diaries”
“The Walking Dead”

Favorite Dramatic TV Actor:
Ian Somerhalder
Jared Padalecki
Jensen Ackles
Nathan Fillion
Paul Wesley

Favorite Dramatic TV Actress:
Ellen Pompeo
Emily Deschanel
Ginnifer Goodwin
Nina Dobrev
Stana Katic

Favorite TV Fan Following:
Gleeks, “Glee”
Little Liars, “Pretty Little Liars”
Oncers, “Once Upon A Time”
SPNFamily, “Supernatural”
TVDFamily, “The Vampire Diaries”

What couple will survive?

Fans of Caroline and Tyler, wait a moment before alarming for the episode on Thursday.

"We like to do this from time to time... where to introduce something that seems obvious... and everyone takes their hands to the head in plan. "Oh, here comes [Hayley], sexy slut, and Tyler has been unfaithful and that is what is going to end up with Tyler and Caroline", Julie Plec says this week to Vampire Diaries Bite. "Then we like to say, no, that is not for nothing that we are doing!".

Get ready for a emotional rollercoaster, last week´s episode wasn´t so promising for two of the tv series couples "Stefan and Elena, Caroline and Tyler" Unfortunetly this week´s episode won´t be much better. Stefan and Elena will have some serious issues ahead, don´t worry about Caroline and Tyler, at least at the begining.