Saturday, August 31, 2013

Spoilers of the vampire diaries and the originals


- Damon and Elena for the first time are going to be happy. But their happiness will be frustrated - again! - By Katherine, who will get in everyone's life. While Damon says he has passed, what think Elena - who is now away at college - when he finds out that Damon and Katherine have been living together in the house all summer Salvatore?

- Haley will have to watch his back. Executive producer Julie Plec tells us that she may not have a chance once the baby is born. "One of the first things Haley tells Rebekah that Klaus is the kind of person who puts family members in boxes, so when you give birth probably end like theirs," says Plec. The good thing is that the witch Sophie has an ace up his sleeve to keep Haley safe.

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