Friday, November 1, 2013



Out of the entire universe of Vampire Diaries, one of the most passionate fans is the most unlikely of couples - Mikaelson Klaus and Caroline Forbes . Klaroline fans are extremely passionate , and when it was announced that klaus leave Mystic Falls to go to New Orleans by The Originals , things looked bleak for the future of this couple .

"It was more than I thought it would be ," Joseph told Just Jared Jr. on the overwhelming support of the fans. "It was not what I imagined it would be, I think, so much of something at first. Though , I always wanted a love interest for or shopping for your affection because I felt like I was allowed to explore the different aspects of the character that we have not seen " .

But even though it took a few seasons to finally have achieved klaus love interest does not mean that the original hybrid has been emotionless all the time. "We've seen a bit about their brothers and as he felt for them, but not that way , " says Joseph .

The lovable player went on to say that the greatest threat to the spin -off was if this beloved couple broke . "I was like , " We shot in the foot by making it too compelling. " But you know, everyone is aware of it. Not that we're like, Oh , people care about that , really? " .

And there will be a glimmer of hope for klaroline fans out there ? "We're building something here and make reference to it. Not that we're like, " Well, that 's done. Forget everything you 've built and what is invested in it, " Joseph says . " I think there should be some sort of resolution . But if , for me it was a surprise the amount of people who responded to it. "

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