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Jeremy, Bonnie, Elena and Caroline are the main characters of these first official images of Season 5.


Now we have the first promo of the season in HD.

Ian Somerhalder behind the camera

Shaun Sipos on the TVD set

Candice Accola talks about the best on season 4



The Vampire Diaries has hired Rick Cosnett newcomer Australian actor to play the new enemy of Caroline and Elena.

Dr. Maxfield is a brilliant teacher at Whitmore College and after meeting him, Caroline and Elena begin to think that is hiding a dark secret and dangerous. If we go by some of the earlier masters series (ahem, Alaric and Shane), we're guessing that Maxfield is fully ratio that vampires lurk in the city.

Kat graham behind the camera

Another witch joins the originals

Alexandra Metz (Chicago Fire) has reserved a character in The Originals. She interpreted Katie a beautiful and mysterious witch with a hidden agenda that will have terrible consequences for the supernatural community of New Orleans.

Spoilers of the vampire diaries and the originals


- Damon and Elena for the first time are going to be happy. But their happiness will be frustrated - again! - By Katherine, who will get in everyone's life. While Damon says he has passed, what think Elena - who is now away at college - when he finds out that Damon and Katherine have been living together in the house all summer Salvatore?

- Haley will have to watch his back. Executive producer Julie Plec tells us that she may not have a chance once the baby is born. "One of the first things Haley tells Rebekah that Klaus is the kind of person who puts family members in boxes, so when you give birth probably end like theirs," says Plec. The good thing is that the witch Sophie has an ace up his sleeve to keep Haley safe.

THE ORIGINALS: TODD Stashwick joins the series


The actor joins Todd Stashwick spin-off of The Vampire Diaries episode 4 of the first season playing the father Kieran.

"Kieran is a priest tortured by his dark past," says executive producer Julie Plec. "Go back to your home in search of answers about a personal tragedy, but finds a very different landscape than when he left."

Elena´s evolution

The originals: daniella pineda talks about sophie


While fans of 'The Vampire Diaries' await the issuance of season 5 in the United States, we discovered today an interview of actor Ian Somerhalder. According to him, this is a series that can be very 'brutal', especially his character Damon. The actor explains that many scenes have a strong impact on him until after the end of the shoot.

"Not everything is rosy" Ian Somerhalder account. "Sometimes it is very hard, and all that comes to mind Damon has an impact on me. It's not always pretty, but it makes things more believable. "Goes on to say that "It is not always fun to shoot scenes in 'The Vampire Diaries'. It is sometimes brutal and let set for ten minutes only mourn in my corner. But that's to be an actor for me. "

The originals: new poster

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Eliminated scene end of season 4

Candice Accola behind the camera

Eliminated scene 4x21


The launch of a spin-off is always a stressful time for the actors from the original series, which are naturally afraid of being replaced by the newcomers, and 'The Vampire Diaries' is no exception to this rule. So, Ian Somerhalder just gave an interview where he explains that not thrilled with the creation of 'The Originals'.

"I am delighted by Julie (Plec), by Joseph Morgan and worldwide. But I'm a selfish player. I'm a producer of the series, I'm not a writer in the series. My only concern, is Damon, and MI series. And in that context, we remove characters that are important for 'The Vampire Diaries' ... I'm incredibly happy for all the world, but do not get excited with the spin off. Not that I feel upset for sharing, but I have to admit that I do not like losing those incredible actors in our series. "

Somerhalder continued explaining that 'The Vampire Diaries' will be forced aintroducir many new characters, to compensate for the absence of Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies and Claire Holt: "Who are these people who will be introduced on the show? Are they good? Because this is CW, and everyone should be looking ... But it so happens that not many people are pretty good at playing it. "

"No kidding. I believe that without me out praise I can. I just hope that production will continue introducing the series to great actors, not just pretty faces. "

Happiness won´t be forever


Carefull, Delena shippers, their favorite vampire duo could end up having problems when The Vampire Diaries returns for season 5 on October 3.

According to E! Online, "something will affect your relationship over the first half of the season," Uh oh, looks like Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert are going to be once again facing an obstacle in their path to happiness sweet vampire. And before you start thinking that evil is causing havoc in your relationship, we have more news for you.

"And there is a supernatural element that this happiness away in the way of Delena" says news website. Hmm, then that is really the only thing that can destroy our hopes and dreams that is the dreaded realm of higher education. Yes, college is probably the main culprit for the lack of harmony between the two lovers.

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) may become stronger now, but who knows what might be in the way of these two. Do not forget that they are dealing with a long distance relationship. Those are the absolute worst, but if anyone can deal with that, would be two supernatural beings, right?

What do you think?. Does Damon and Elena relationship survive this season or will be close to a break?.

Elena found a sexy university classmate

Meet the man who will become the new best friend of Elena, and possibly, could it be something else?. E! Online revealed exclusively that the CW veteran, Shaun Sipos (Life Unexpected, Melrose Place), joins The Vampire Diaries as a recurring character in the off season. Sipos interpreted to Aaron, who comes to college to escape her torturous past. It is there where he meets Elena and the two will be joined by the fact that they have survived the dark experiences and family tragedies. Elena? Attracted to a brooding and handsome stranger?, Does not impress us, but if we intrigue. We have also learned that it is possible that Aaron is in TVD for much longer than a few episodes, and do not blame Elena to be attracted to the guy. Sipos resembles a young Brad Pitt, right?. Sorry Delena and Stelena fans. But for now, fans of Damon and Elena can relax. The creator Julie Plec promised that the writers have planned to keep the couple together and happy for a moment.

Eliminated scene 4x02

Season 4 bloopers



No, not a ghost, but a reality in season 5 of 'The Vampire Diaries'. We left Matt and Rebekah, heat and embers, at the end of May, ready to discover Europe and its pleasures together during the summer. On his return from vacation, have many memories in his head, and producer Julie Plec says that the writers will draw them much benefit. The showrunner revealed that during his trip, Rebekah and Matt even came to have a threesome with a mysterious Russian beauty named Nadia. Plec has said that we will see hints of this trip, all in a very light tone, via flashbacks, at the beginning of season 5. "We will be able to see this little moment of pleasure, where Rebekah and Matt take advantage to living in Prague ...". Season 5 of 'The Vampire Diaries' debut on Thursday, October 3, before the launch of spin-off 'The Originals', on the American channel CW.

Michael Trevino on season 5

Paul Wesley behind the cameras

The Originals: Elijah´s promo

THE ORIGINALS: Behind the cameras, Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies

 It seems that the brothers Mikaelson have a flashback.

Zach Roerig on season 5

He is not my brother


As previously said, not long before the group discovers that Stefan is not really Stefan. But before that, get ready to witness the meeting more awkward / weird when Salvatore literally embrace after their summer apart. You could say that a hug from Stefan would be the first track to Damon that something happens.

A death in the campus


This is Vampire Diaries and deaths are a fundamental part of the series. Within reports E! Online, Caroline and Elena will experience one of the Death of one of their university classmates during their first year. But this could arose a great romance, the Mistress of Death will take you to one of the ladies to know a possible new love Aaron, a handsome guy  that may have the relationship with the deceased.

Season 5: What Will College Life Be Like For Elena, Caroline?

Elena and Caroline are getting the full college experience when "The Vampire Diaries" returns on October 3—or at least the full TV college experience. The Mystic Falls BFFs will move in together when they matriculate at Whitmore College in season five, which, as we've learned through many years of TV-watching, means parties, hot boys and inordinately large dorm rooms. "Look, we can all joke about it, but in order for a scene to look good, you need a lot of space to shoot in—especially when you're a show that shoots on long lenses," executive producer Julie Plec admitted to Hollywood Crush recently.
"So yes, our dorm room is a little bigger than the dorm room I had in college." But that doesn't mean it's not gonna be awesome. "We establish a university that's old and steeped in tradition and it's been around for a while, and the room reflects that. It's got the big arched ceilings and a good, old-world feel to it. So you will laugh, because yes, of course it's a little bit bigger than it should be, but we're proud of it." After a troublesome season four (that pesky no-humanity thing really hindered their friendship), the girls are back to normal and excited to re-start their lives in a place where nobody knows any of their baggage, let alone the fact that they're vampires. "They're really committed to enjoying life and enjoying college and being college freshmen," Julie said. It's a good plan—too bad it's not going to work. "Of course things will go instantly, terribly wrong, because that's what always happens, but they remain committed to trying to have a true college experience and it bonds them in a really good way." While the girls are in good standing, their romantic relationships might not be. Caroline and Tyler are still together, but things aren't exactly progressing according to her plan.

 "Caroline went to all these great lengths to get Tyler freed from whatever mean and cruel servitude Klaus had him under and come back to Mystic Falls," Julie said. Unfortunately, he gets caught up helping out some werewolves and isn't in a hurry to return to the classes Caroline's enrolled him in. "Part of their first relationship conflict will be at what point does he show up and how much does he really want to be there? One thing we really want to play with the two of them is when you go away to college, a relationship that was cemented so strongly in high school goes through a few bumps along the road," Julie explained. "We wanted a real human experience for them in addition to the supernatural stuff they have going on. They love each other deeply, but they're also on two very different paths, so we'll see where they land."

 Meanwhile, Julie said that "Damon and Elena are living the ultimate hometown hottie long-distance relationship. We all had that, where we went off to college and tried to keep a relationship going with a boy that we loved. Sometimes you end up marrying that guy, and sometimes by Christmas break you're over. Part of the fun of Damon and Elena will be seeing how they handle being separated, and once it's revealed to them that Stefan's not just out living his life, that he's actually in jeopardy, what will that do to both their relationship and also to Elena's commitment to college?" Luckily, there's a new hot dude at school, Jesse, played by Kendrick Sampson, to distract from all the drama. "At this point, Jesse is just a dude. He's a dude who takes an instant liking to Caroline, but of course her heart is a little bit spoken for. He's somebody who we may see a lot of because he's very charming and likable, and he's a new face at college that's got an eye on our girls. He's a nice guy, the actor is, and he's awfully pretty to look at." Unfortunately, as of right now his face is all we'll get to ogle as there aren't yet any shirtless scenes (We thought that was written into every CW contract?) "You know what, I'm sure it'll happen," Julie said, "and it'll be worth its while." Are you excited about what's next in season five?

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Last night took place in Los Angeles the awards ceremony of the Teen Choice Awards and The Vampire Diaries is lifted with three awards including Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show and Best Actress and Actor Sci-Fi/Fantasy for Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder respectively. Here are some interviews with Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham.

And if you missed the show you can see below.

Caroline Dries talks about university, silas and delena


With Julie Plec now executive producing three series (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and The Tomorrow People), The Vampire Diaries has promoted Caroline Dries to a state of higher showrunning. Dries TVD has participated in since the first season, and before that working on such shows as Smallville.

Ksite speak with Ms. Dries during the last Comic Con, where they tried to figure out what they could about the upcoming season of TVD, which begins on October 3 on The CW. First of all, we are told that the premiere will follow a time warp, and we find out what happened during this time interval. If you can not wait until October, here are some interesting facts.

"Elena has spent the summer holidays in a sort of honeymoon with Damon," tells Dries. They have been living happily in ignorance, totally unaware that Stefan is dying and coming back to life, so it's all good. She's like 'I'm going to college. I am a normal, functional human vampire '. And immediately, road bump, bump in the road and bump in the road, he says, implying that happiness could be short-lived.

In late summer, the characters go to college, and Dries is very aware that sometimes when the series takes characters to college things do not go well with the public. "We are aware that sometimes when the characters go to college, it's like 'oh, this looks like a new and completely different series.' Not so. But she goes and discovers a conspiracy in Whitmore where it goes. That will be one of the mysteries throughout the season, "says Caroline. Despite the new scenario, do not expect that TVD is developed in two different worlds at the same time. "That's a little difficult because you do not want to have two orbits happening at once. So fortunately Whitmore is just a short drive, it will appear that there are two different stories a bit in the first episode, but the characters can come and come. " says. "We will see a fun Damon and his first college experience, that kind of thing."

However, it will not be all fun and games for the characters in the fifth season. Dries tells us that the "Big, Bad" season is Silas, and that "will join the land of Mystic Falls."

"And of course ... nobody knows Stefan is gone!" Caroline exclaims. "So the whole world regarding Damon and Elena, think he left when I was in the car with Lexi. Gone.'s Rare that has not called, but if ... Stefan will have to deal with the impact of a summer or more in this hell. Their plot will be quite dark this season, but also very cool.'ll be a new Stefan, I would say. " As for Silas ... appears in Mystic Falls. "But no one knows it's Silas," reveals Dries.

More details about university


It is clear that one of the great changes of season 5 of 'The Vampire Diaries', will see Elena, Caroline and a few others, leave Mystic Falls high school, to go to the University of Whitmore, where Jenna had also studied in the past. "We did not want to create a faculty of Mystic Falls, at the corner of the street, suddenly and pulled out of nowhere," says Julie Plec.

"Therefore, we had to send them out there but close enough to move between the faculty and regularly Mystic Falls. Be friendly and fun, because we will have a whole new storyline and e fresh in college, in the midst of which landed Damon occasionally to solve any problems. Or Elena will go to the house of Mystic Falls, to resolve a complication, or we will see Caroline go home for holidays ... ".

"In general, I think it is going to get a nice shape this transition with the power ...".

Stefan never be the same after his release

Still in box underwater, when the season 5 of 'The Vampire Diaries' begins, Stefan will no longer really the same when you return to the mainland. It takes a bit, but Stefan will eventually break free from his coffin submarine, during the first episodes of season 5. Julie Plec, warns that the boy will not completely unscathed from this. "It will be at once the same and radically different. There, in a way, an enigma tied to this intrigue, but I can not come forward more, "she says.

The originals: interview to charles michael davis

Nina Dobrev talks about season 5


The cast of The Vampire Diaries visited Comic-Con again this year, and while they were there, we were

able to participate in an interview with Nina Dobrev (Elena) that should contain some clues as to what will happen in the fifth season of TVD. Do you want them? Maybe we have some ... things are starting with the premiere.

"It's been a couple of months, the summer has come and gone," says Dobrev on where things begin and how will the relationship of Damon and Elena. "They had a great summer and are in their honeymoon phase excited. While she goes to college, they will try to work in the distance, and I'm sure everyone knows that the distance is not always the easiest. So we'll see. We're still recording the first episode. Do not know much more, "says Nina.

Will you continue this happiness, especially with the idea that the best friend of Elena, Bonnie, is no longer among the living? How will he react Elena? "That stink," says Nina. "Fortunately, for now, she does not know, because it is in a very happy time of his life. I think Bonnie sees that and does not want to ruin it, because Elena rarely has some happiness. But it will not be a good day. It will be really hard. Is your best friend is like family. Your friends become your family, especially in the situation of Elena, "she explains.

The dual of Elena, Katherine, is human now, and she's not going to happen right at all. "Crazed and insecure, scared and vulnerable" is how Nina describes the new state of Katherine. "It's a very different world for her, and does not know how to handle it, and can not have more clothes hypnotized," he laments. "What will you wear? That's the important question. So there is tragedy in the world of Katherine ". Does this mean that we will see Katherine in the premiere? "Maybe. Or not. We will have to see the premiere to see if she is. I can not say "jokes Nina.

That's not the only thing we were able to get Nina Dobrev, she is not aware of the type of student who will be once you start college. "I wonder the same thing. Why even have enrolled? How did he get in college? I have no idea. I will ask the same when you return to the set, "he laughs.


Actress Shannon Kane joins the cast as Sabina series. Described as wild, bold and sexy, Sabiene is a guide smart streets of New Orleans, while secretly is a prominent member of the community of witches in the French Quarter. So we assume that it will not be a fan of Marcel.

Gavankar joins season 5

Gavankar will play Tessa, a beautiful, exotic and sure of herself woman that comes to Mystic Falls to rekindle an old flame. First appears in the third episode in a flashback.

The originals: new spoilers

This week during a panel at the Television Critics Association (TCA) executive producer Julie Plec and the casts and the show revealed some spoilers.

-The first chapter will focus on the pilot episode but it's told from the perspective of Elijah.
Phoebe Claire and filmed his first scene together last week. Hayley attempt to protect Rebekah. Claire says that Rebekah had always wanted a sister.
Julie Plec progresses there may be a history between Rebekah and Marcel, which will be revealed in the second episode.
-Hayley's pregnancy will be the center of the frame and will last at least the first full season.
-Rebekah's love for his family is stronger than his possible romance with Matt. For that reason decides to go to New Orleans.
- 'The Originals' is filmed in Atlanta although supposedly the story takes place in New Orleans. Still, it's unlikely that any roll scene in New Orleans but in a timely manner.
-The production team had to arrange a special recording schedule that Daniel Gillies (Elijah) can be in every episode while filming his other series 'Saving Hope'.
-As for the crossover, Julie Plec says there is very dear relations and will not do as nonexistent. The door is open to any member of TVD series may appear in a timely manner. And vice versa.
-The difference between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals TVD is that there is a struggle and repression against the nature of being a vampire, and vampires embrace TO vampirism and enjoy it.
-As in The Vampire Diaires, music will be an important part of The Originals.

The Originals: interview to joseph and charles davis

Julie Plec talks about season 5


The Vampire Diaries may have fired the fourth season with some major cliffhangers, but will not be immediately in the Fall premiere.

"There is a time warp," says executive producer Julie Plec tells EW. "The summer has passed and while poor Stefan has been suffering at the bottom of that lake, Damon and Elena have been having hot and loving sex."
Although the opening day collect the move to the University, Plec promises that fans will have the opportunity to see some of the sexy action that has taken place during the holidays.
"We found a way to show the public stylized as things have gone for the summer, which has been doing around the world," says Plec, reveals that the title of the first episode is "I know what you did last summer. "

Damon and Elena
So what awaits these two apart from all that hot sex? Plec, who recently said that the duo will be happy this year, explains that Damon and Elena will face normal marital conflict "between them to keep a secret of another with the intention of not hurting his feelings, tratatando to make them happy, little things which any normal couple fight and hopefully will make them stronger. "Plec adds:" The biggest obstacles in their relationship come from external sources, people, ideas, notions are trying to say they should not be together. It will be more a matter of them struggling to prove that if they should be together and that's fine. "

-Katherine human
After a summer trying to protect itself, Plec says Katherine return to Mystic Falls looking for a Salvatore to assist it. "Definitely its presence in Mystic Falls and the Salvatore mansion is a pain point," says Julie, who reveals that Katherine will stick much said Salvatore.

Do not expect the quarry Stefan leave unharmed. Plec hints that when it finally comes out of the woodwork, will be both the same and completely different. "There is a kind of puzzle together that I can not really expand, but it will be fun to play for Paul Wesley as an actor," says Plec.

-Klaus and Caroline
Klaus can be in New Orleans, but that does not mean it's all over for him and Caroline. Plec says there is a possibility that appears in the Caroline Big Easy (New Orleans). "I think there are a lot of complicated elements to try to make this happen, but I talked about it with Candice and Joseph. Exists one million logistics to work out and you never know, but it's something we like to do and I hope we do. "

Best of Mystic Falls Whitmore attend the University this fall, the same university where Jenna earned her degree and Bonnie's grandmother and Shane were teachers. "Of course, the University did not want to come out of nowhere, and suddenly there was a university in Mystic Falls, but we knew we had to keep close enough to home so they could come and go or if you do a little place road trip, "says Plec. Although the group is separated, Plec promises that the core will remain intact. "It's fun because we have this fresh new history at the University, amid which Damon has to appear to solve a problem or that Elena has to go to solve a problem at home or Caroline returns home for a celebration, so I think we have conquered the curse of the University pretty well. "

No season is complete without the loss of a major character, and this year is no exception. Plec says: "I think we have some juicy villains who need to overcome and there is always the possibility that one of our dear heroes kick the bucket. When, who and how, I'll never tell, but it is definitely in the plans. "



Krueger will appear in three episodes as Josh, recently we talked about character, a young tourist whose night out in New Orleans takes an unexpectedly dark turn when he ends up in the bar of Marcel.

Krueger recently played the character Ben in the ABC Family series, Pretty Little Liars.


The premiere of "The Originals" now will debut at a special evening on Thursday, October 3 at 9:00 pm after the premiere of the fifth season of "The Vampire Diaries" at 8:00 pm, which started one week earlier than previously announced, giving "the Originals" more exposure and promotion behind the highest-rated series of the chain. The following week, "The Originals" will move to its regularly scheduled night and Tuesday October 8 at 8:00 pm, followed by the premiere of season 9 of "Supernatural". A repeat of the second episode of "The Originals" airs on Thursday October 10 at 9:00 pm, after a premiere episode of "The Vampire Diaires".

The new CW series, "Reign, delayed its release until Thursday, October 17 at 9:00 pm, one week later than previously announced, giving more time to promote the series.


According to a casting, the CW is looking for a man about 20 years old for the role.

Josh is described as a "tourist hot gay and naive, at a party with friends in New Orleans." But like most people who cross the paths of the supernatural world of "The Vampire Diaries", Josh ends in "the wrong side of the French Quarter" - and fatal misfortunes faced.



Season 4 ended with Damon and Elena together, forcing Elena to take the cure Katherine and Bonnie dead because of a spell that made ​​it back to Jeremy and Elena in season five goes to college. When sat with Nina Dobrev in the press room at Comic Con 2013 these were the topics, so keep reading to find out your comments.

About Damon and Elena: "They've had a great summer, are in their honeymoon phase and are excited, so when Elena leaves for the University will try to make it work long distance, and as everyone knows, the long distance is not always the easiest. so we'll see.'re filming the first episode. Nor do I know much more. "

On how Katherine and human will: "Loca and insecure and scared and vulnerable.'s A very different world for her and does not know how to navigate it, and can not be achieved free clothes. Which will now carry, that's the question more important.'s tragedy in the world of Katherine. "

On whether Katherine will be in the beginning of the season: "Maybe if. Maybe not.'ll Have to see the premiere to see it. I can not say."

In how Elena reacts to the death of Bonnie: "That stink. Fortunately for now does not know because it is in a very happy time in his life, and I think Bonnie sees him and does not want to ruin it. Because Elena rarely have some happiness, but certainly not going to be a good day. going to be very, very, very hard.'s her best friend is like family.'s friends become your family, especially in the situation of Elena. "

In the kind of student who will be Elena: "I do myself the same question. How is that even has gained entry? How could he go to college, I have no idea.'m Going to make them the same question when I return to set. "