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Let’s be real: No fang fan tuned into The Vampire Diaries Christmas special with the expectation that the show’s main characters would get to enjoy a bit of yuletide cheer. After all, the last time the series aired a holiday special, we witnessed Klaus get his jolly on by murdering twelve hybrids and drowning Carol Lockwood all while classic carols streamed in the background.

However, though we figured romantic debacles and violence among the Gemini family members would come into play, no one expected the dreaded C word to make an appearance. You know….cancer. Let’s just say poor Caroline Forbes and the Sheriff won’t be hanging their stockings by the chimney with care this year; they have bigger issues to worry about a.k.a. finding a cure for Liz. And in case that wasn’t depressing enough, Matt Donovan, who had his little heart set on staking Enzo, has found himself at the vamp’s mercy; Kai Parker has siphoned all the power from the Traveler’s anti-magic border and abducted Elena as part of his wicked scheme; and Bonnie Bennett continues to remain trapped in Bizarro 1994 World. These are some merry times, indeed.

Thus, in anticipation of the Vampire Diaries‘ return in 2015, we chatted with executive producer Caroline Dries about what viewers can expect in terms of supernatural drama. From Bonnie’s return to the status of Steroline’s relationship to Delena’s potential reunion, she had plenty of juicy spoilers to tease! Check out our exclusive interview below for the latest details.

Alloy Entertainment: So Julie Plec confirmed on twitter that Bonnie escapes. However, since this is TVD we know it won’t be that easy. What can you divulge any details about our beloved witch’s return?

Caroline Dries: You know how we have all that news about the Sony hack going on? Well, Julie is like Sony Hack 2.0; she spoiled the whole rest of the season. [Laughs.] What I can say is that Bonnie is in the process of basically being in hell. Unlike being trapped on the Other Side [in Season 5], where she had access to our plane of existence and sort of participate in her friends’ lives indirectly, she’s stuck in a repeating loop of the same day and it’s driving her insane. As we saw in the mid-season finale, she just couldn’t take it anymore and burned a Christmas tree down. So she’s going to suffer, and then ultimately accept the challenge [at hand] and become a stronger person in order to heck out of there. She’s going to face some obstacles before seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but she’s going to come back a different Bonnie for sure. (continue below)




No good is coming up for Kai. Executive producer Caroline Dries says the title for the Jan. 22 episode, “Woke Up With a Monster,” is directly related to Elena and Kai’s new situation. He’s not going to lift his cloaking spell until he gets exactly what he wants — and he wants to merge.

"He has a chip on his shoulder for Elena and Damon, but especially Damon having been stranded by him in the prison world. So he feels like getting at Damon via Elena is the perfect revenge. But he also has a more pointed reason for having her that he's trying to—well, I won't give that away! But having sucked up all that magic from Mystic Falls has repercussions even for him. He needs Elena's help with that."

"I can tease that we will finally see them come face-to-face soon and we'll continue to watch their relationship evolve. Their separation won't last forever. You just have to have patience."- Says Julie Plec  



  • Another mysterious lady is making her way to Mystic Falls in 2015.

Annie Wersching (24) has been tapped to recur in The Vampire Diaries‘ sixth season as a “beautiful and strong” woman named Lily, TVLine has learned exclusively. Also described as “articulate and caustic,” Lily has a reputation for protecting the ones she loves at any cost, though it’s unclear as to who (or what) those loved ones are.

"Lily will first appear in Episode 6.15"



  • After the events of the mid-season finale, we will not see anything of The Vampire Diaries until January 22, however, the executive producer Julie Plec has revealed on his twitter account some spoilers of what awaits us in the second half of season 6.

- Two Gemini withches, whether or Jo and Kai or Luke and Liv, will merge

- We will get to know the real Sarah Salvatore.

- Bonnie will return to the present - somehow changed.

- There will be flashbacks of younger versions of Stefan and Caroline, obviously separately.

- Caroline experience with the functionality of vampire blood.

- Enzo meets a girl.

- Matt will found his true calling in life.

- More than one person will die.

- Stefan Salvatore manages to fix a friendship ... and then something more.

- Elena receives a proposal that could change her life forever.

-There will be a connection, a breakup and  a reconciliation - not necessarily for the same partner.

- Alaric will fall in love.

- We will see Damon in 1858.

- Tyler takes a position on behalf his girl.

- Bonnie celebrates her birthday.

- There will be many kisses. For more than a couple.



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PROMO: "GONE GIRL" (#5.15)



  • Gone Girl is the fifteenth episode of the Fifth Season and the hundred and fourth episode of The Vampire Diaries (TV Series).

FLASHBACKS TO NADIA’S SEARCH FOR KATHERINE — While Nadia remembers her centuries-long search for her mother, Stefan, Caroline and Matt come up with a desperate new plan to save Elena’s life.  For the second time, Bonnie and Jeremy must turn to Liv for help. Damon baits Tyler into a nasty confrontation, then takes off to seek revenge on Dr. Wes. Caroline and Tyler come to a new understanding. Finally, Bonnie learns of a terrifying secret that will threaten the lives of all her friends.


Candice Accola: I Don’t Think Caroline and Tyler's Relationship Can Recover

  • Are Caroline and Tyler over for good? And is there even hope for a friendship?

Although Tyler was the one to walk away from the relationship, Caroline committed the ultimate act of betrayal by sleeping with his mortal enemy, Klaus. With the cat out of the bag, and Tyler sure that he wants nothing to do with her, Caroline walked into this episode's Bitter Ball and shredded remnants of both men.

But does Caroline ever remain single for very long? Although there were hints of jealousy over watching Stefan and Elena/Katherine dance, Accola tells that those two are destined for great friendship.


  • No Exit is the fourteenth episode of the Fifth Season and the hundred and third episode of The Vampire Diaries (TV Series).
GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS — As Damon’s behavior escalates from destructive to deadly, Stefan begins to regret their last conversation and decides to track Damon down and intervene. For reasons of her own, Elena (Katherine) volunteers to come along. Dr. Wes enlists the Travelers to set a trap that will once again test Damon’s friendship with Enzo. After a heart-to-heart talk with Nadia, Matt enlists Caroline and Tyler’s help to protect Elena, leading to a violent confrontation. Later, when Stefan tries to comfort a dejected Caroline, their conversation leads to a horrifying realization.


PROMO: "No Exit" (#5.14)

CLIP: "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" (#5.13)

New Big Bad in TVD

Any scoop on who the new big bad is on The Vampire Diaries?!

Someone we'll be meeting pretty soon who has big plans for Stefan and Elena. "We've been doing a nice slow, slow, slow burn of this Traveler storyline…what we will come to understand what exactly it is these people want, what it has to do with this alleged doppelgänger prophecy and what they need from our doppelgängers," Julie Plec previews. "At the end of that, there will be a face to that group that we will meet later in the season who we haven't cast yet."

CLIP: "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" (#5.13)



CW Mid Season Promo

What´s with Caroline and Stefan?

Spoiler Alert

Caroline turns out to be pretty jealous of Stefan and the new "relation" he has with Elena. Julie Plec said: "Caroline and Stefan are big friends and they are gonna continue with this beautiful friendship. We´ll see if something more happens or if they continue in their own directions."

Clip: The Devil Inside

Clip: The Devil Inside

REHASH: 500 Years of Solitude (#5.10)

What´s next for Tyler?

  • Now that Caroline has hooked up with Klaus what´s next for Tyler, now that he´s back for good in TVD.

Nothing too great, we're sorry to say! "He's going to struggle," Julie Plec says. "He's back, his revenge attempt failed, he doesn't really know what he's supposed to be doing with himself. He's not in college, he split with Caroline, Matt Donovan is living in his house. [Laughs.] So it's a journey for him to find his way."

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(#5.17) --> New Evil Character


A new big bad! In episode 17, viewers will be meeting Markos, a charismatic but imposing leader from a faraway land. He's super dark, but people can't help but be drawn to him and he's worshipped by his followers. So Joe Carroll 2.0 basically?

Will he be alone?, Is he connected to the Travelers?,What does he want?,Will Nadia be involved?

"Things are going to get really tricky (...)" - Julie Plec, Exclusive Interview.

  • SPOILER! --> If you haven´t seen Episode 100, 500 Years Of Solitude (#5.11) don´t read this.

Katherine Pierce spent the majority of the episode, "500 Years of Solitude," lying on her deathbed believing her end was near. In celebration of her impending doom, Damon, Stefan and Co. took shots as they reminisced about the terrible things Katherine has done since season one. But after Nadia introduced a Plan B for how Katherine could skirt death, she jumped at the chance. By the end of the hour, Katherine took over Elena's body -- but only Nadia is in on the plan. R.I.P. Elena?

The episode also featured a long list of cameos, listed here in order of appearance:

  1. Sheriff Forbes (Marguerite MacIntyre), 
  2. Klaus (Joseph Morgan), 
  3. Emily Bennett (Bianca Lawson), 
  4. Rebekah (Claire Holt), 
  5. Aunt Jenna (Sarah Canning), 
  6. Uncle John (David Anders), 
  7. Elijah (Daniel Gillies), 
  8. Vicki (Kayla Ewell), 
  9. Tyler (Michael Trevino),
  10. Alaric (Matt Davis).

Julie Plec talks to THR about the episode's memorable returns and that shocking Katherine/Elena body-snatch in the final minutes.

The 100th episode featured a ton of cameos, including characters we haven't seen in a while. Since you couldn't feature everyone who made an impact, what were the guidelines with who would appear?
We knew we wanted to bring back everybody that had ever been a series regular for part of our family long-term. On top of that, we just love shouting back to little things, little characters, over the course of the series that were either embedded in the story or had great moments like the Uncle John moment [in season one] or Emily Bennett who, of course, was Katherine's sidekick back in the day.  

The opening was quite comedic, with the major characters reminiscing about Katherine.  How did you want to open this particular episode?
In the beginning, we're reminding the audience that Katherine used to just be a human girl who accidentally got pregnant -- and losing that baby, or having it taken away from her, was the catalyst for the rest of her life and the very thing that turned her into the person that she is. Coming off something so intense and learning that she's going to die, we loved that idea of kicking off the episode with what felt like a celebration.

It was also one of the rare moments where you had a lot of the major players in the same room.
Let me tell you, it takes some time to shoot when you get more than four people in a room too.

SHORT CLIP: 500 Years Of Solitude (#5.11)

TVGuide: New Scan

SHORT CLIP: Episode 100 --> 500 Years Of Solitude (#5.11)

NEW PROMO: Defining Actions

  • Take a look at the fantastic promo: Defining Actions.

CLIP: 500 Years Of Solitude (#5.11)

  • Finally a new clip of 500 Years Of Solitude --> Episode 100 (#5.11) 

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STILLS OF: Total Eclipse Of The Heart (#5.13)

Promotional Image: Damon (Ian Somerhalder)

Synopsis: Total Eclipse Of The Heart (#5.13)

  • Official Synopsis: (#5.13) --> Total Eclipse Of The Heart

WELCOME TO THE BITTER BALL — Hoping to help everyone move past recent traumatic events, Caroline convinces Elena and Bonnie to attend Whitmore College’s “Bitter Ball” for broken-hearted students. Bonnie is intrigued with a fellow student named Liv, who appears to be dabbling in witchcraft. Tyler starts to worry about Matt’s relationship with Nadia. After making a disturbing discovery, Stefan has a frustrating conversation with Damon and Enzo. Dr. Wes struggles to continue his research project with help from a new benefactor named Sloan. Still bent on revenge, Damon and Enzo resort to violence to convince Bonnie and Jeremy to help them, but their plan takes an unexpected and horrifying turn.

Nina talks about Episode 100

STILLS OF: "The Devil Inside" (#5.12)

Nina Dobrev talks about Episode 100 and what happened in PCA with Ian

  • Nina talks about her friendly speach with Ian Somerhalder in the People Choice Awards and about what is going to happen in episode 100 "500 years of solitude"

Interview: Nina Dobrev

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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Win Favorite On-Screen Chemistry At The People's Choice Awards!

  • Despite breaking up in real life, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev just took home the People's Choice Award for Favorite On-Screen Chemistry! 

Ian Somerhalder Wins Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor is always the toughest People’s Choice Award to decide. How does one possibly choose when the options are Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Stephen Amell, Ian Somerhalder and Andrew Lincoln? But the fans did decide, and Ian Somerhalder took home the 2014 trophy during the red carpet pre-show

  • Since someone had to come out on top, we’re glad it was Ian. His performance as Damon on The Vampire Diaries this season has been his strongest yet, and seeing him joke around on the red carpet is always a blast. Ian seems like a great guy, and he deserves every bit of recognition he gets.

This is incredible,” Ian, who was sporting some serious scruff, said when he was handed his shiny trophy. “This is for the fans, I can’t thank you guys enough.

He also graciously thanked the Vampire Diaries crew, then dished about spending his New Year’s Eve in Bejing, Tokyo, and Mexico. Sounds like quite a life!

Nina Dobrev was also in the red carpet: 

CANADIAN PROMO: 500 Years Of Solitude (#5.11)

SYNOPSIS: The Devil Inside (#5.12)

  • Official Synopsis (#5.12) --> The Devil Inside

SEARCHING FOR THE HIGH ROAD - When Enzo brings Damon a gruesome present and insists that they bond by committing an act of revenge, Damon makes an effort to do the honorable thing. After finding himself in awkward and confusing conversations with Nadia, Matt impulsively decides to throw a party, where Caroline makes a stunning confession to Elena, then has to face the consequence of her actions with Stefan and Tyler. Aaron does his best to make amends for his family's past misdeeds and start a new life for himself. Finally, Elena suddenly finds herself in a life-threatening situation with only minutes to figure out how to save herself.

Episode 100: Who will return to Mystic Falls?

According to IMBD we could see some known faces in episode 100 next thursday 23rd of January.
500 Years of solitude will bring back characters like:

  • Janina Gavankar (Tessa), Sara Canning(Jenna), Matthew Davis (Alaric), Daniel Gillies (Elijah), Claire Holt (Rebekah), Joseph Morgan (Klaus), Kayla Ewell (Vicky) and Malese Jow (Anna).

So we are now thinking if they could appear in flasbacks, be just a prove that the veil is stills not closed or be something to do with Bonnie now that she is the anker to the other side. This information may not be 100% true, cause as we said it was found in another website. This hasn´t been yet confirmed by the CW TV but we would love to see all this faces in the episode 100 with any doubt.

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NOTES: 500 Years Of Solitude (#5.11)

New Section in the blog: The Notes section,  we want to add this post every week reffering to the next episode, today we arrive with all the notes we have on "500 years of solitude" the 100th Episode of TVD! We are sure it´s gonna be very special!
  • This episode will be the mid-season premiere.
  • This episode will be show's 100th episode.
  • This episode will revolve around Katerina Petrova.
  • This episode will have a 'beautiful reunion'.
  • 500 Years of Solitude is probably a reference to the book "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In this case it refers to Katherine's time on the run from Klaus.
  • Caroline Dries says Stefan will speak to Damon about his breakup with Elena. This may lead to them getting back together.
  • "Death is knocking at the window for a TVD Favorite, although it may not be successful" 
  • The episode will feature a flashback to 19th century.
  • Klaus won't be making his trip to Mystic Falls alone.
  • Katherine will be in the hospital dying.
  • Damon, Elena, Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy will be toasting to Katherine's eventual death and remembering the most horrible things that she has ever done to them.
  • Nadia and Stefan will be the only ones not toasting to Katherine's eventual death.
  • Somebody new for Caroline?

The script was finished on October 17, while the filming started on October 28. 

There was a party held on the 9th of November where all the TVD and The Originals cast attended.

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Synopsis: 500 Years of solitude (#5.11)

  • Official Synopsis: Episode 100 (#5.11) --> 500 years of solitude

FLASHBACKS TO KATHERINE’S EARLY LIFE — As she faces a new crisis, Katherine remembers the traumatic night in 1490 when she gave birth to the daughter who was immediately taken from her. Stefan lets Elena, Caroline and Bonnie know that Katherine’s health has taken a turn for the worse, while Damon, Matt and Jeremy discuss some of Katherine’s most notorious moments. Nadia comes up with a frightening plan to protect her mother, and Stefan and Elena are forced to help her. Meanwhile, Caroline is mortified when she realizes she forgot to fill Elena in on the latest shocking gossip, then indulges in a little scandalous behavior of her own. Finally, Elena and Katherine share an unexpected moment of connection.

STILLS OF: "500 years of solitude" (#5.11)