Thursday, June 6, 2013

Caroline´s future


Like every summer, The Vampire Diaries actors through Europe to meet his fans and Candice Accola has attended a convention in Perugia (Italy), a few days ago. The actress took the opportunity to discuss the future of Caroline, in season 5.

Fans asked a lot about the emotional life of his character, if he would return with Tyler or choose to have a relationship with Klaus. But not wanting Candice seems inclined to any of these options and prefer to not have a partner Caroline in the near future.

'After all, why should I choose definitively between Tyler and Klaus? Since when has a girl only two options? I think there are more options in life ... I mean Caroline just finished high school and going to go to college ... '.

So Caroline is a young student next single and celibate? Will she know someone new in college?

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