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Let’s be real: No fang fan tuned into The Vampire Diaries Christmas special with the expectation that the show’s main characters would get to enjoy a bit of yuletide cheer. After all, the last time the series aired a holiday special, we witnessed Klaus get his jolly on by murdering twelve hybrids and drowning Carol Lockwood all while classic carols streamed in the background.

However, though we figured romantic debacles and violence among the Gemini family members would come into play, no one expected the dreaded C word to make an appearance. You know….cancer. Let’s just say poor Caroline Forbes and the Sheriff won’t be hanging their stockings by the chimney with care this year; they have bigger issues to worry about a.k.a. finding a cure for Liz. And in case that wasn’t depressing enough, Matt Donovan, who had his little heart set on staking Enzo, has found himself at the vamp’s mercy; Kai Parker has siphoned all the power from the Traveler’s anti-magic border and abducted Elena as part of his wicked scheme; and Bonnie Bennett continues to remain trapped in Bizarro 1994 World. These are some merry times, indeed.

Thus, in anticipation of the Vampire Diaries‘ return in 2015, we chatted with executive producer Caroline Dries about what viewers can expect in terms of supernatural drama. From Bonnie’s return to the status of Steroline’s relationship to Delena’s potential reunion, she had plenty of juicy spoilers to tease! Check out our exclusive interview below for the latest details.

Alloy Entertainment: So Julie Plec confirmed on twitter that Bonnie escapes. However, since this is TVD we know it won’t be that easy. What can you divulge any details about our beloved witch’s return?

Caroline Dries: You know how we have all that news about the Sony hack going on? Well, Julie is like Sony Hack 2.0; she spoiled the whole rest of the season. [Laughs.] What I can say is that Bonnie is in the process of basically being in hell. Unlike being trapped on the Other Side [in Season 5], where she had access to our plane of existence and sort of participate in her friends’ lives indirectly, she’s stuck in a repeating loop of the same day and it’s driving her insane. As we saw in the mid-season finale, she just couldn’t take it anymore and burned a Christmas tree down. So she’s going to suffer, and then ultimately accept the challenge [at hand] and become a stronger person in order to heck out of there. She’s going to face some obstacles before seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but she’s going to come back a different Bonnie for sure. (continue below)

Alloy Entertainment: Damon and Elena were thisclose to a mistletoe kiss. Elena definitely had some fireworks in her eyes when she dropped by the Salvatore boarding house. However, Kai decided to ruin everyone’s fun by casting an invisibility spell on her and knocking her unconsciousness. Will Delena see better days in 2015?

Caroline Dries: Surprisingly – maybe I’ll get some once the dust settles – but I didn’t get that many hate tweets this time around. I think people were just happy that we pushed the football down the field a little bit more with them, as Elena is consciously making a decision to confront her feelings for Damon. When we first got them together at the end of [TVD] Season 4 and they kissed in front of the fireplace, we then cut to three months later. They experienced a whole chunk of time together that we didn’t see — sort of the honeymoon period of a new boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. And, so, what we were excited about doing with their relationship and interested in playing around a bit with were those initial stages. It’s a little awkward and weird and you are nervous about what to say — basically all those things we didn’t get to see the first time around — but, all in all, it’ll be fun to watch.

Alloy Entertainment: As much as we’re annoyed at Kai for ruining a potentially cute moment, we like how nonredeemable and shameless he is. Now that he’s seeping with all that Traveler mojo, what does this mean for the twin merge and our precious vamps, especially his most recent victim, Elena?

Caroline Dries: Kai has never really had that much access to magic or even had that much power coursing through his veins. So, he’s going to experience a few growing pains of his own as he realizes that he might have bit off more than he can chew. As for our guys, even though they got to return home to Mystic Falls – which is kind of the silver lining of Kai sucking up the magic from the border — this doesn’t bode well for them. It’s not good to have the villain of the show, who’s a total sociopath and literally has not even an ounce of empathy in his body, with so much power. And so Kai’s goal right now is the same one since the beginning: to merge with Jo, and he’s hell-bent on making sure this happens.

Alloy Entertainment: Speaking of Jo, what we loved about the mid-season finale was how supportive Liv was of her sister. At the start of the episode, she was like, ‘Why should I care about you’ and by the end she was all, ‘You’ve got this, girl! You can defeat him!’ Will we see the two of them grow closer? Moreover, will Liv mentor her at all– sort of how Hermione helped Harry practice his magic throughout the Triwizard Tournament? 

Caroline Dries: [Laughs.] Yea! That’s pretty much how it’s going to be and we even make a Harry Potter reference in [episode 6×11]. Liv was using her for her own needs because she doesn’t want to die in a twin merge nor does she want Luke to. But she also has a heart inside of her; she’s not just a conniving bitch. She actually has sisterly feelings for Jo which are starting to reemerge. In fact, in the next episode, as she reunites Jo with her magic and reminds her how to perform spells, Liv starts to realize, ‘Oh shoot! This is a lot of work. Jo has a lot to learn. What have I done?’

Alloy Entertainment: One Season 6 plot twist that has definitely raised a few eyebrows is Sheriff Forbes battling a seemingly inoperable form of glioblastoma. It just feels a little random since she didn’t show any signs of being sick in previous episodes. Why now and why cancer?

Caroline Dries: Well, that’s the whole tragedy of cancer; it’s random and unexpected. And that’s what we were trying to say with this. Our show is all about death — trying to prevent death, avoiding death, and beating death. Then, all of a sudden you get this very human illness and it’s like, ‘Oh! What do we do now?’ Currently there is no obvious cure for the Sheriff’s cancer, and that was the whole point of doing this now and having it be a curveball in the middle of the season.

Alloy Entertainment: We enjoy learning more about the vampire mythology, and in terms of the blood do’s and don’ts, you started to reveal early on this year that it’s not the ultimate cure. When we found out that Enzo died of consumption we suspected something was up, and Liz Forbes’s unfortunate situation confirms it. Will the inner-workings of vampire blood be a major theme moving forward? 

Caroline Dries: Yes, for sure. It will be explored more in upcoming episodes. We know that the obvious thing to do would be to cure Liz with vampire blood, so that’s what we’re going to do in TVD [6×11]. We’re going to make that an option. Our characters are going to discuss the pros and cons of healing Liz the supernatural way, and they’re going to have different opinions on this matter.

Alloy Entertainment: Though the whole cancer storyline is heartbreaking, we’re definitely interested in seeing how it affects Caroline. She’s constantly pushed to her limits, but this is a whole new level of pain. Can you tease anything about how it affects her journey as a vampire? Will we witness Dark Caroline Rising?

Caroline Dries: Caroline at heart is a control freak and being a vampire has made her an even bigger control freak. So when you tell a control freak, ‘Here’s something you have absolutely no power over and there’s no solution for it,’ she’s not going to accept that. Caroline is going to try to take matters into her own hands, and there will be some interesting consequences.

Alloy Entertainment: The whole ordeal with Sheriff Forbes seems to have brought Caroline and Stefan together in the holiday special. He was truly there for her as a friend when she needed him the most. Now that their friendship is mended, what’s next for this duo?

Caroline Dries: Well, as Caroline sort of reels from the terrible situation that her mom is going through, the idea of romance and love is not exactly at the forefront of her thoughts. She’s really worried about her mom and is focused on taking care of her and helping her through this tough time. As for Stefan, he’s going to use this as an opportunity to be a good friend to sort of make up for all the ways he failed at the beginning of the season.

Alloy Entertainment: In the preview trailer for “Woke Up with a Monster,” Stefan reveals to Enzo that Sarah Salvatore is alive. It won’t be too long now before Damon finds out his brother has been hiding this huge secret from him. How will he react? Also, why the heck is Enzo so obsessed with Stefan?

Caroline Dries: We’re definitely going to get to that — why Enzo is keen on [ruining] Stefan’s life — in the next episode. As for Damon’s reaction to the Sarah news, I can’t tease too much, but I can say that it will be a bit of a surprise for everyone.

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