Sunday, December 28, 2014


  • After the events of the mid-season finale, we will not see anything of The Vampire Diaries until January 22, however, the executive producer Julie Plec has revealed on his twitter account some spoilers of what awaits us in the second half of season 6.

- Two Gemini withches, whether or Jo and Kai or Luke and Liv, will merge

- We will get to know the real Sarah Salvatore.

- Bonnie will return to the present - somehow changed.

- There will be flashbacks of younger versions of Stefan and Caroline, obviously separately.

- Caroline experience with the functionality of vampire blood.

- Enzo meets a girl.

- Matt will found his true calling in life.

- More than one person will die.

- Stefan Salvatore manages to fix a friendship ... and then something more.

- Elena receives a proposal that could change her life forever.

-There will be a connection, a breakup and  a reconciliation - not necessarily for the same partner.

- Alaric will fall in love.

- We will see Damon in 1858.

- Tyler takes a position on behalf his girl.

- Bonnie celebrates her birthday.

- There will be many kisses. For more than a couple.

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