Thursday, November 15, 2012

"We´ll always have Bourbon street" 4x08

A flashback to New Orleans in 1942 - when Stefan confronts Damon, with suspicion of Elena, Damon has no choice but to help Stefan to investigate. In search of answers, Damon and Stefan visit the modern New Orleans to see if they can find someone who remember the events of her last visit in 1942, including one of the former's Damon, Charlotte (guest star Madeline Zima). Elena, Caroline and Bonie share a night of girls, while the Salvatore brothers are outside the city, and the emotions will exalt when Elena offers a shocking news. After the insistence of Hayley, Tyler confronts one of the hybrids of Klaus, Kimberly (guest star Alyssa Diaz), and the situation quickly becomes violent. Finally Damon were faced with a wrenching decision.

The episode was written by Charlie Charbonneau and José Molina and directed by Jesse Warn.

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