Friday, November 2, 2012

Elena and Damon return to the Wickery Bridge


In "The Vampire Diaries" not much of locations are iconic and as important as Wickery Bridge. The bridge where Elena´s parent´s died and were her and Stefan had their first interaction, were Stefan almost kills her when she was as a vengative ripper and, of course, when she died at the finale of last season 3.
The most devastating and terrifying moments for Elena had happened in that bridge - and now, she´s back there, as the photos show us from the next episode 4x06 "We all go a little mad sometimes"

In this episode, Elena suffers alucinations (We cant specify why, but in this week´s episode "The Five" you will maybe have a clue) - and she is so confused and terrifyed that she makes a terrible mistake. We are hoping that this mistake doesn´t involve the bridge- because nothing good happens there.

Seems like Damon arrives on time to stop whatever is about to happen , what is good, because in reality he has spent most of the episode with Bonnie trying to learn about an old witchery from professor Shane ... who could have an amazing conexion with Matt. Meanwhile, Stefan and Klaus help Jeremy to arrive to an agreement with his new responsabilities after a regime change and, finally, Stefan and Elena share a heartbreaking moment when she makes him a confession.

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