Saturday, December 1, 2012

Paul Wesley talks about Stefan and Elena´s break up

How will react Stefan to Elena and Damon's getting closer?: "I think that Elena and Damon are beginning to move closer to the other, I think that Stefan will slightly lose papers. I always see that with good eyes, so I'm very happy. So now we are going to find a cure for Elena. It is very interesting, since we're a little at a time to see if it now cares a shit to Stefan find the cure or will say "Oh, okay, now you're attached to my brother, I don't care". We will see, I don't know what he will do and is very interesting when it is unpredictable.

There will be future relationship between Stefan and Elena?: "I think so. Ultimately, is a funny thing when you're doing a TV series where the stakes are so high and where we're trying to think of a realistic level. She is a vampire, so obviously it is going to have an effect, but in the world of television, the Vampire Diaries world, anything can happen. Maybe there is a way to save the relationship and return to normalcy, but I hope never to again be as before. People change, and I know that they are the romantic love story of the series, but I think that they can potentially find another kind of romance that is not as naive as it was before. I think that in the first season, were a few naive lovers who were unaware of the imminent death of any relationship. It sounds rather negative, I know. "

Do you feel to interpret as extreme characters?: "In someway, we are playing to be superheroes, and when you see any superhero movie, you only have to go with him. Even though it's a teen romance drama, it is also an adventure. I believe that as an actor you have to engage with it. It's not like I'm making Abraham Lincoln, you know what I mean? They were doing a series of vampires. So for me, it's exciting to become a bloodthirsty killer and sociopath, and then return to be a hero again. I believe that these extremes are totally great. It is a fact. But yes, it is obviously very difficult. As an actor, you have to follow the paper and believe you it, not say "what's happening now? How we are coming out with so many murders, and there's no police officer who investigates? Is there really no FBI who comes to Mystic Falls, that 500 people die each month? "But I try not to think about those things."

A life after The Vampire Diaries: "Seriously? No. never! I'll have 45 and will continue to do for Stefan. (Jokes) Obviously, I'm going to work more as an actor, but I am also writing and producing a movie at this time with a very talented director and a writer. We are going to make the coming year. I am also going to be behind the camera, and hopefully go myself. I am not only interested in acting, I am interested in any process of cinematography or television. I'll definitely be glued in this field, but I am thinking really forge me in different points of view rather than just be in front of the camera "."

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