Thursday, May 16, 2013

13 things you should know about the season finale

These are some of the spoiler revealed by journalist Carina Mackenzie.
-Damon will NOT take the cure.
-The cure turns you mortal, it doesn´t safe your life.
-The sire seemed pretty clear that it was broken in the last episode.
-Bonnie is angry with Elena, that´s why she didn´t accept his apology
-Interaction between Bonnie and Jeremy in the finale.
-In the end we will have a turn that nobody expected EPIC
-Nobody will know about Klaus baby in the finale.
-The baby is the center of the plot of The Originals.
-Stefan will start drinking animal blood.
-The Salvatore brother who Elena doesn´t choose will have to beat something really big.
-Tyler will not be in Mystic Falls in the finale.
-Katherine is not dead, she split with Bonnie before she died.

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