Sunday, May 19, 2013

All about Vampire Diaries Season 5


► The episode number is not yet confirmed.
► Day 1 in the writers room for TVD Season Five: April 15, 2013.
► According to Julie Plec, Silas should be present in Season Five.
► A few new characters will be introduced this season. After graduation, Elena, Jeremy, Bonnie, Matt, Caroline & Tyler will start interacting with some new faces.
► There will be ample opportunity for some characters from TVD and The Originals to move between shows on occasion.
Katherine will be a significant part of this season, just as she was in Season 2.
► Bonnie will remain a series regular, however as a ghost. As far as we know, only Jeremy will be able to interact with her, as he is a medium.
Tyler will also return as a series regular, and he is currently still under contract.
► Bonnie is there they just don't know that she is.
► Jeremy's cover story for being alive.
► Learning more about Salvatore family history possibly?
► The cure is in Katherine's blood system now but Silas still has a enormous Plan B.
Elena and Damon will be happy.
► Even if she's human now, Katherine is still Katherine she's still bad and she will take her frustration out on Elena.
► Katherine will ask herself "How much do I hate being human?"
Katherine needs protection now that she's vulnerable and she will get it from a Salvatore Brother.
► Holly Brix and Melinda Hsu Taylor will be in Season Five writers staff.
► The writers and Julie Plec came up with the final scene of Season 5.
► Season Five will likely have another time-jump to August or September 2011, when Elena, Caroline and Matt begin college.
Damon finding out that Silas has nuetralized his brother and has hid his body.
Damon finding out that he is related to Silas and that Stefan is his Doppelgänger.
► The Salvatore Family history is about to be revealed in depth, with the help of Damon and Elena.
► Bonnie comes back from the land of the dead to the land of the living.
Bonnie using expression to get back to earth, with the help of her Grams who is with her on The Other Side.
Katherine is a human and has Klaus after her to make more of his hybrids.
Katherine is the only living Doppelgänger and has a lot of people after her, by getting revenge on what she had done to them while she was a vampire.
► Tyler returns to Mystic Falls as a present to Caroline from Klaus, because he will not be returning to town.
► Tyler is attending college with Caroline. Wanting to find out why Klaus let him come back.

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