Saturday, May 25, 2013

Paul Wesley´s revelations: A new love for Stefan?


During his stay in Europe, to attend a convention, the protagonist of The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley has had time to chat with fans of the series and to reporters about the future of his character and the series.

The present fans made ​​him many questions about his relationship with her ​​character of Caroline. His answer surprised more than one. You commented that he believes long-term partner Stefan / Caroline will be a reality this season and have already approached the first steps in this direction. But the process will be very slow, it will not be something that will happen in the overnight. For now, we are friends and above all, have other problems to face that keep them busy.

In addition to commenting that sees very little the series when it airs on television screen will be horrified, explained that the final scene, when in the water drowning, shooting took 9 hours. You commented that she could not more when finished because I was exhausted and shattered stomach so much water in the mouth constantly. With humor has said that when he saw on the screen that scene lasted only 10 seconds had a fit.

Finally, Paul Wesley finished talking about season 5 of The Vampire Diaries, and commissioned by The CW. He asserted that is eager to give life to Silas and playing a bad because it is something he loves and he hopes to have time to explore that character. Also would like that sometimes, people continue to dead dead, because if you continue coming back to life, fans of the series will end up feeling nothing when one of the characters dies. Ensures that it is because they do not feel comfortable with certain characters appear again in the series, but believes that his return could be organized differently, in the form of flashbacks for example, it would be more logical and would have more impact.

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