Saturday, May 25, 2013

Season 5


The fourth installment of The Vampire Diaries ended last Thursday with an episode, 'Graduation' (4x23), which laid the foundations for a fifth season promises to be really exciting. With Silas impersonating Stefan (Paul Wesley), Katherine (Nina Dobrev) dealing with his new status as mortal and Bonnie (Kat Graham) dead, things will not be exactly easy for residents of Mystic Falls and especially for Elena, who remain in their condition after using vampire cure his double. The creator of fiction, Julie Plec, which this year will also develop the 'spin-off' The Originals for CW, has advanced some details about the fifth season. Want to know what's coming?

According to the producer, the fifth installment of The Vampire Diaries will experience not too long time jump to the fourth season and will return to action with the boys and girls of Mystic preparing for college. None of them know what happened with Stefan, although it seems that the truth will soon come to light: "Those who are well acquainted with Stefan will be able to realize quickly, I hope." Meanwhile, the real brother Salvatore have to deal with the difficult situation in which Silas has left ... Who will come to their aid?.

Meanwhile, Katherine and Elena will have to continue with their lives after the enormous changes that have experienced both. Back in college, Elena will continue to face vampire status and difficulties of secrecy while Katherine will consider whether to run the risk of dying to return to become a bloodsucker. What about his relationship with Damon (Ian Somerhalder)? "I think there will never be a time when you are not involved in any conflict, since their relationship as friends or enemies, has a volatility that is frustrating and sexy at the same time," says Plec.

Regarding the future of Bonnie (Kat  Graham) in his new ghost, she will remain firm in its decision that no one else besides Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen), know your secret. "Bonnie's situation is that she is on the other side, so you can see everything going on and who is doing what. With her relationship with Jeremy have information that anyone can access, but it has no real capacity do magic or interact with another human being, so there is a feeling of helplessness attached to it is going to be frustrating for her, not to mention the emotional distance can not be there with her friends even though there is no I know ". Jeremy, meanwhile, does not find it easy to return to normal now that he is alive. Already looking forward to seeing the new episodes?

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