Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The originals: new spoilers

This week during a panel at the Television Critics Association (TCA) executive producer Julie Plec and the casts and the show revealed some spoilers.

-The first chapter will focus on the pilot episode but it's told from the perspective of Elijah.
Phoebe Claire and filmed his first scene together last week. Hayley attempt to protect Rebekah. Claire says that Rebekah had always wanted a sister.
Julie Plec progresses there may be a history between Rebekah and Marcel, which will be revealed in the second episode.
-Hayley's pregnancy will be the center of the frame and will last at least the first full season.
-Rebekah's love for his family is stronger than his possible romance with Matt. For that reason decides to go to New Orleans.
- 'The Originals' is filmed in Atlanta although supposedly the story takes place in New Orleans. Still, it's unlikely that any roll scene in New Orleans but in a timely manner.
-The production team had to arrange a special recording schedule that Daniel Gillies (Elijah) can be in every episode while filming his other series 'Saving Hope'.
-As for the crossover, Julie Plec says there is very dear relations and will not do as nonexistent. The door is open to any member of TVD series may appear in a timely manner. And vice versa.
-The difference between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals TVD is that there is a struggle and repression against the nature of being a vampire, and vampires embrace TO vampirism and enjoy it.
-As in The Vampire Diaires, music will be an important part of The Originals.

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