Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Caroline Dries talks about university, silas and delena


With Julie Plec now executive producing three series (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and The Tomorrow People), The Vampire Diaries has promoted Caroline Dries to a state of higher showrunning. Dries TVD has participated in since the first season, and before that working on such shows as Smallville.

Ksite speak with Ms. Dries during the last Comic Con, where they tried to figure out what they could about the upcoming season of TVD, which begins on October 3 on The CW. First of all, we are told that the premiere will follow a time warp, and we find out what happened during this time interval. If you can not wait until October, here are some interesting facts.

"Elena has spent the summer holidays in a sort of honeymoon with Damon," tells Dries. They have been living happily in ignorance, totally unaware that Stefan is dying and coming back to life, so it's all good. She's like 'I'm going to college. I am a normal, functional human vampire '. And immediately, road bump, bump in the road and bump in the road, he says, implying that happiness could be short-lived.

In late summer, the characters go to college, and Dries is very aware that sometimes when the series takes characters to college things do not go well with the public. "We are aware that sometimes when the characters go to college, it's like 'oh, this looks like a new and completely different series.' Not so. But she goes and discovers a conspiracy in Whitmore where it goes. That will be one of the mysteries throughout the season, "says Caroline. Despite the new scenario, do not expect that TVD is developed in two different worlds at the same time. "That's a little difficult because you do not want to have two orbits happening at once. So fortunately Whitmore is just a short drive, it will appear that there are two different stories a bit in the first episode, but the characters can come and come. " says. "We will see a fun Damon and his first college experience, that kind of thing."

However, it will not be all fun and games for the characters in the fifth season. Dries tells us that the "Big, Bad" season is Silas, and that "will join the land of Mystic Falls."

"And of course ... nobody knows Stefan is gone!" Caroline exclaims. "So the whole world regarding Damon and Elena, think he left when I was in the car with Lexi. Gone.'s Rare that has not called, but if ... Stefan will have to deal with the impact of a summer or more in this hell. Their plot will be quite dark this season, but also very cool.'ll be a new Stefan, I would say. " As for Silas ... appears in Mystic Falls. "But no one knows it's Silas," reveals Dries.

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