Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nina Dobrev talks about season 5


The cast of The Vampire Diaries visited Comic-Con again this year, and while they were there, we were

able to participate in an interview with Nina Dobrev (Elena) that should contain some clues as to what will happen in the fifth season of TVD. Do you want them? Maybe we have some ... things are starting with the premiere.

"It's been a couple of months, the summer has come and gone," says Dobrev on where things begin and how will the relationship of Damon and Elena. "They had a great summer and are in their honeymoon phase excited. While she goes to college, they will try to work in the distance, and I'm sure everyone knows that the distance is not always the easiest. So we'll see. We're still recording the first episode. Do not know much more, "says Nina.

Will you continue this happiness, especially with the idea that the best friend of Elena, Bonnie, is no longer among the living? How will he react Elena? "That stink," says Nina. "Fortunately, for now, she does not know, because it is in a very happy time of his life. I think Bonnie sees that and does not want to ruin it, because Elena rarely has some happiness. But it will not be a good day. It will be really hard. Is your best friend is like family. Your friends become your family, especially in the situation of Elena, "she explains.

The dual of Elena, Katherine, is human now, and she's not going to happen right at all. "Crazed and insecure, scared and vulnerable" is how Nina describes the new state of Katherine. "It's a very different world for her, and does not know how to handle it, and can not have more clothes hypnotized," he laments. "What will you wear? That's the important question. So there is tragedy in the world of Katherine ". Does this mean that we will see Katherine in the premiere? "Maybe. Or not. We will have to see the premiere to see if she is. I can not say "jokes Nina.

That's not the only thing we were able to get Nina Dobrev, she is not aware of the type of student who will be once you start college. "I wonder the same thing. Why even have enrolled? How did he get in college? I have no idea. I will ask the same when you return to the set, "he laughs.

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