Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Julie Plec talks about season 5


The Vampire Diaries may have fired the fourth season with some major cliffhangers, but will not be immediately in the Fall premiere.

"There is a time warp," says executive producer Julie Plec tells EW. "The summer has passed and while poor Stefan has been suffering at the bottom of that lake, Damon and Elena have been having hot and loving sex."
Although the opening day collect the move to the University, Plec promises that fans will have the opportunity to see some of the sexy action that has taken place during the holidays.
"We found a way to show the public stylized as things have gone for the summer, which has been doing around the world," says Plec, reveals that the title of the first episode is "I know what you did last summer. "

Damon and Elena
So what awaits these two apart from all that hot sex? Plec, who recently said that the duo will be happy this year, explains that Damon and Elena will face normal marital conflict "between them to keep a secret of another with the intention of not hurting his feelings, tratatando to make them happy, little things which any normal couple fight and hopefully will make them stronger. "Plec adds:" The biggest obstacles in their relationship come from external sources, people, ideas, notions are trying to say they should not be together. It will be more a matter of them struggling to prove that if they should be together and that's fine. "

-Katherine human
After a summer trying to protect itself, Plec says Katherine return to Mystic Falls looking for a Salvatore to assist it. "Definitely its presence in Mystic Falls and the Salvatore mansion is a pain point," says Julie, who reveals that Katherine will stick much said Salvatore.

Do not expect the quarry Stefan leave unharmed. Plec hints that when it finally comes out of the woodwork, will be both the same and completely different. "There is a kind of puzzle together that I can not really expand, but it will be fun to play for Paul Wesley as an actor," says Plec.

-Klaus and Caroline
Klaus can be in New Orleans, but that does not mean it's all over for him and Caroline. Plec says there is a possibility that appears in the Caroline Big Easy (New Orleans). "I think there are a lot of complicated elements to try to make this happen, but I talked about it with Candice and Joseph. Exists one million logistics to work out and you never know, but it's something we like to do and I hope we do. "

Best of Mystic Falls Whitmore attend the University this fall, the same university where Jenna earned her degree and Bonnie's grandmother and Shane were teachers. "Of course, the University did not want to come out of nowhere, and suddenly there was a university in Mystic Falls, but we knew we had to keep close enough to home so they could come and go or if you do a little place road trip, "says Plec. Although the group is separated, Plec promises that the core will remain intact. "It's fun because we have this fresh new history at the University, amid which Damon has to appear to solve a problem or that Elena has to go to solve a problem at home or Caroline returns home for a celebration, so I think we have conquered the curse of the University pretty well. "

No season is complete without the loss of a major character, and this year is no exception. Plec says: "I think we have some juicy villains who need to overcome and there is always the possibility that one of our dear heroes kick the bucket. When, who and how, I'll never tell, but it is definitely in the plans. "

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