Saturday, August 24, 2013

Elena found a sexy university classmate

Meet the man who will become the new best friend of Elena, and possibly, could it be something else?. E! Online revealed exclusively that the CW veteran, Shaun Sipos (Life Unexpected, Melrose Place), joins The Vampire Diaries as a recurring character in the off season. Sipos interpreted to Aaron, who comes to college to escape her torturous past. It is there where he meets Elena and the two will be joined by the fact that they have survived the dark experiences and family tragedies. Elena? Attracted to a brooding and handsome stranger?, Does not impress us, but if we intrigue. We have also learned that it is possible that Aaron is in TVD for much longer than a few episodes, and do not blame Elena to be attracted to the guy. Sipos resembles a young Brad Pitt, right?. Sorry Delena and Stelena fans. But for now, fans of Damon and Elena can relax. The creator Julie Plec promised that the writers have planned to keep the couple together and happy for a moment.

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