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Season 4 ended with Damon and Elena together, forcing Elena to take the cure Katherine and Bonnie dead because of a spell that made ​​it back to Jeremy and Elena in season five goes to college. When Gather.com sat with Nina Dobrev in the press room at Comic Con 2013 these were the topics, so keep reading to find out your comments.

About Damon and Elena: "They've had a great summer, are in their honeymoon phase and are excited, so when Elena leaves for the University will try to make it work long distance, and as everyone knows, the long distance is not always the easiest. so we'll see.'re filming the first episode. Nor do I know much more. "

On how Katherine and human will: "Loca and insecure and scared and vulnerable.'s A very different world for her and does not know how to navigate it, and can not be achieved free clothes. Which will now carry, that's the question more important.'s tragedy in the world of Katherine. "

On whether Katherine will be in the beginning of the season: "Maybe if. Maybe not.'ll Have to see the premiere to see it. I can not say."

In how Elena reacts to the death of Bonnie: "That stink. Fortunately for now does not know because it is in a very happy time in his life, and I think Bonnie sees him and does not want to ruin it. Because Elena rarely have some happiness, but certainly not going to be a good day. going to be very, very, very hard.'s her best friend is like family.'s friends become your family, especially in the situation of Elena. "

In the kind of student who will be Elena: "I do myself the same question. How is that even has gained entry? How could he go to college, I have no idea.'m Going to make them the same question when I return to set. "

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