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After sacrifice herself in The Vampire Diaries to help bring back to life Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen ) , Bonnie faces tell their friends death. With Elena (Nina Dobrev ) and Caroline (Candice Accola ) beginning again at the University Whitmore , without being aware of the true whereabouts of his friend, that task will not be easy .

"It will be some internal struggle ," says Kat Graham , who plays Bonnie , told The Hollywood Reporter. " If she talks to someone about it , then it becomes real , which is what I think she is trying to avoid . "

Bonnie 's connection to the real world with Jeremy , his situation " about them , " says Graham . " She knows he looks back. The only time they will get into some serious conflict soon is when maybe he wants her to be okay with that he let everyone know she's dead. That , for her, is not an option right now. "

And when her friends discover the truth , Graham has ideas on how you would like reactionasen - hypothetically speaking .. " It would be totally devastating , " she says. " Bonnie has been a big part of your life so it would be really hard , I guess. "

The actress admits to Bonnie on the "other side" has been a difficult challenge.

"It's something I've never experienced - having to play that level of extreme agony and no one is there to answer it literally until they say 'cut' and the manager comes over and says , 'Are you OK?'" Says Graham . " When you say ' roll ' til I cut , I am alone in space. It takes you to another level when you are extremely exposed. "

To witness Silas kills his father , Mayor Rudy Hopkins , at the end of the premiere of 3 Oct. also serves as the catalyst for the new mission of Bonnie .

" You can become weak for something or you can strengthen you for something and she says , ' Whatever it is what Silas wants , we can not let him have it , ' " says Graham . " It is making it against Silas . Bonnie is a character not easily weakened by circumstances and she is someone who wants to avenge his father. "

Graham offered a metaphor for his scene with Elena and Caroline , who showed her friends putting one foot for the first time on the campus of Whitmore .

"It's like someone who can not cut off the supply and on and on and just finished running over , " recalls about bittersweet moment . " That's what that scene was for me. I'm really proud of her. "

There maybe a chance that Bonnie returns to Mystic Falls, but Graham - who joked about having scenes with Jesse ( Kendrick Sampson ) - was evasive . " I do not want people to lose hope in Bonnie because they think it is not useful . She's dead but not gone, " she says. "There are still interesting things to do for her, while on the other side. "

And no one is a joke while intriguing , so Graham suggests that there is a scene of Bonnie / Jeremy " that has to do with candles " and may "possibly" be the romantic type .

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