Friday, October 4, 2013


If you are thinking of skipping the first episode of "The Originals" when it airs in two weeks because he has seen the pilot aired last April and thought to be a review of what you've seen ... think again .

Is in series. Zap2it could see the new version of the pilot episode that will air on Thursday, October 3 and say it is a totally different story to what we have seen.

If you do not see the premiere of "The Originals" may miss important plot points, new facts and a cliffhanger that will make you throw the tv and after a final scream do not see coming.

Although obviously we can not reveal which implies the end, we can give 10 juicy spoilers become less tortuous episode waiting


1. If you are concerned that there are now four seasons of The Vampire Diaries and have to catch up before watching " The Originals " , we can ensure that you will not miss if you have not seen an episode of The Vampire Diaries. There is a large exhibition in the opening scene that introduces Mikaelsons and its history for new viewers . The Vampire Diaries Fear not virgin , will be caught within minutes by blood.

Two . For those fans who are looking for much more than Elijah , this is an episode you want to watch over and over and over again. And for newbies TVD , prepare to meet your new favorite character - a vampire who can always be cut , sophisticated and full of old-school habits even after massacring an entire crew of men.

Three . The whole episode highlights the story of Elijah , how and why he returned to New Orleans , you get a better view of how different it is from his younger brother Klaus when it comes to handling situations . While only Klaus uses violence and murder to get what he wants regardless of the consequences , Elijah working people and try to find a solution through negotiation. It is much more strategic and intelligent, and gives much better results .

April . For newbies in the world of TVD , but you can see the premiere of The Originals without prior knowledge of the universe of the series , I recommend watching the pilot issued as an episode in the fourth season of Vampire DIAIRE April. The Originals jumps in his debut some key scenes that episode to allow other important and new scenarios that take place .

May . These new scenarios include a long look in depth at what Klaus had to go after his first death as a vampire , when werewolf woke beside his father and learned that Klaus was not his son .

June . Rebekah does not reach New Orlenas until episode 2, but it will be present at the premiere when we see Elijah working desperately trying to convince her that Klaus needs your help .

July . Speaking of brothers , Klaus and Elijah give new meaning to their relationship of rivalry , especially in a scene full of action.

August . We will learn more about Marcel 's secret weapon against the witches of New Orleans , and what it reveals in a small opening scene surprised ... and create a lot of questions .

9. Camille , a graduate student of human psychology, one has a quick cameo in this version of the pilot episode , but arouses the interest of Elijah with fast and accurate analysis of Mittenwald

10 . You definitely do not want to miss the last 30 seconds of the episode.

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