Friday, October 4, 2013

Jeremy on season 5


Nobody has really good moments in Mystic Falls, but life was harder than normal to Jeremy Gilbert last year. Not only his sister became a vampire temporarily wanted to kill after he was part of an ancient , supernatural murderer squad , but Jeremy also died before being resurrected by his beloved who then saw die for his efforts.

Certainly was a difficult time for the young Gilbert , and even if you do not believe these have not been major changes in the life of Jeremy . Look what Steven McQueen tells ET Online about her character in season 5 .

ETonline : When the season starts , where is Jeremy's head with all that has happened the past year?
Steven McQueen: Jeremy has lost many people in his life and now has lost probably the most care. A he loved. Bonnie sacrificed for him, and at the beginning of the season he feels the burden and weight.

ETonline : Logistically , a hunter is still a hunter if returns from the dead ?
McQueen : Yes, Hunter 's Curse remains in effect. It is strong , but not as a vampire.

ETonline : It sounds like you feel sympathy for her [ Katherine ] ...
McQueen : No, I killed him. Jeremy does not feel any sympathy for her . It is even happy about it.

ETonline : What is the dynamic of Jeremy with Damon this year?
McQueen : It's a very different dynamic this year. Elena goes to the University and my house has been burned , so I have to live somewhere - and it is with Damon . We're stuck with each other. And for that reason, Damon somehow becomes father figure in that , which is something that Jeremy is always looking . Throughout all seasons , he has always been looking for that kind of man in your life. But still occur occasionally headers .

ETonline : Is it weird to Jeremy that his "father" is having sex with his sister?
McQueen : [laughs ] I mean, of course it is very rare for them. Especially since we are living in the same house .

PS: the image of the article comes from the twitter account of Steven who thus invited to watch the premiere of the new season of the series. Who could refuse?

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