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After almost an entire season since the character was mentioned for the first time , Vampire Diaries fans finally get to meet the most powerful witch in the series, Qetsiyah , in the flesh. Turns Tessa ( Janina Gavankar ) , the newcomer to Mystic Falls determined to defeat Silas (Paul Wesley ) was also created witch 's spell immortality , the other side and cure.

"I did not know I was going to make Qetsiyah ! Thought the character was a sarcastic girl named Tessa , " says Gavankar to about learning the true role at hand . So how long will it be this witch around Mystic Falls, who will partner along the way and if their offspring help Bonnie ( Kat Graham) to return from the dead ? The review with the new supernatural series .

When you get the part , can you explain how the character was important to the mythology of the entire series ?
Janina Gavankar : I knew nothing . He was in Washington D.C. waiting for my sister gave birth , and I had a call on The Vampire Diaries that I wanted, but if I wanted to do was to leave the next day . So I took a plane and flew to Atlanta. As I say often : "Fantastic . Let me read the material." No information was given , but when I got the script ended up being 18 pages of monologue. I went to my dressing room with a bunch of DVDs in hand and stared at the wall for a second ... "Where did I get ? "

How did you prepare for the role?
Gavankar : I came thinking I knew something, because this is my third set of vampires. Meanwhile, this series is very different from True Blood. This is a series about doppelgangers . I love imbue in the backstory , so the first thing I did was sit down with the writer of the episode, Rebecca Sonnenshine , and got into everything with her and discovered everything. I had more hair and makeup tests than in any other series .

Could Tessa DEVELOP feelings for Stefan simply because it is exactly like his first love , Silas ?
Gavankar : Absolutely, it's inevitable. But not the first [ dopperlganger ] she has seen , so it has a lot of control . But it's hard . You see it time and trying not to love watching him . I read comments from people who already ' shipeando " Stessa " and was like ... " ye may not do that because she will kill anyone who gets in your goal , no matter who . "

Does she have other motives besides Silas reach ?
Gavankar : That's his No. 1 priority , but has been 2,000 seeing those doppelgangers find each other again and again , again and again, again and again . So she warns Damon about his future, he has no chance, because she identifies a lot with Damon . She feels bad for him .

What about Bonnie ? Will help you get back on the other side ?
Gavankar : If it helps, because it will be just fine for your own plan, which is to kill Silas and catch him on the other side .

Do they like Tessa fans as the argument progresses ?
Gavankar : I think at times that the support for everyone who thinks about his position understand why he is doing things . But I think what they will find it a bit extreme and sinister and unforgiving. So people will love or despise .

Any final advance on Qetsiyah / Tessa ?
Gavankar : It's a bloody paper . My hands were stained for days.

Are you excited to finally meet Qetsiyah ? Do you think Silas will kill once and for all ?

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