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Tessa knows everything, Janina talks about his character, who first appeared in ' The Vampire Diaries' this week.

Brace for impact , Vampire Diaries fans , because Mystic Falls is about to be beaten by a few bombs. Janina Gavankar joins the series on October 18 as a mysterious woman named Tessa , and tells that "can not believe" that will be in charge of revealing much about the Salvatores , including a " disturbing " messages on the future of Damon (Ian Somerhalder ) , and a few surprises on past Stefan (Paul Wesley ) that will change the game.

" She has a bad side will not want to see , " says Janina of his dark character , who also has " about 18 pages of monologues " huge reveal secrets of both Salvatore brothers . " She says somehow, ' You think you know , but you have no idea. ' "

>> So , we know almost nothing of Tessa , except that ' frustrates ' the Damon & Elena plan to save Stefan .
Janina : Ah , yes, excellent use of ' frustrating. ' We know for the first time in episode three , titled 'Original Sin. ' Is a flashback episode , so discover many things. Tessa will tell you a lot of information . She is part of Stefan's past , and is about to bring the truth .

How far back >> going Tessa with Stefan ?
Janina : As far back as he . ... You will understand exactly what this means after the issuance of the episode.

What I discover >> change the way we look at Stefan ?
Janina : Yes, definitely .

>> As there are flashbacks involved , have you been able to have fun with silly wigs and costumes ?
Janina : I've been through more makeup and hair tests in this series, cumulatively , than in my entire career [which includes series like Arrow and True Blood ] . There were many , but I'm so glad they did, because I think we got something that makes sense. It has taken a long time to think about how it looks, carrying and where it comes .

>> OK , now let's talk about Damon . I understand that Tessa says something bad about your future?
Janina : Oh , right! I can not tell you which tells you exactly , but Tessa knows everything. He's about to drop a bomb [ in Damon and Stefan ] , like it or not listen , they do not want . Most people do not want to know what you know , but is about to make them face the truth . It's like, 'Listen , sit down , because I'm about to run things the way I need. '

>> How was entering the set of a series in its fifth season ?
Janina : Well, actually I had a fun time with Steven McQueen. The second landing in Atlanta , was like ' Somebody leave all DVDs now! ' So I was in my dressing room , compared to Steven , and he went out of his greeting. I honestly did not recognize him because in my dressing room screen , emo was a small child - and his room came this big man . I was like, ' Nice to meet you . Who do you play? ' Meanwhile, there was a frozen image of him on my TV screen .

>> Wow , that's really awkward , what about Nina ? Have you worked with her ​​too?
Janina : I have, and let me tell you that Nina Dobrev is working hard . Work an insane amount of hours that people can not imagine . To the end of my career in the series, was doing things I never done before in the series, and I'm very happy to have been part of it and see it. We had lots of fun. Oh ... and not just this girl is doing all those hours , but manages to seem totally light ... is fantastic. Love your series , and proud of it.

>> Anything else we should know about Tessa ?
Janina : There is so much I want to say . So much to be discovered in this episode , I can not wait to read the tweets . So people reading this , twitteadme your thoughts ! Seriously ... I can not believe I've been responsible for bringing the character of this successful series.

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