Friday, October 4, 2013


It has been said that Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig ) is a pimp in Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries. With Rebekah moved to New Orleans after his European adventure hot summer , with whom could become involved Matt ? We speculate that it may not be other than human again Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev ) .

They will spend time together
Matt and Katherine seem to spend some time together early in season 5 . According to the synopsis of episode 2 , " After learning that Silas is looking for Katherine , Matt Damon and Jeremy asks that the stay out . " So technically , Katherine will be with both, but while Jeremy has a ghost bride ( and that he was recently killed by Katherine ) , we assume it will be less vulnerable to his charms. Matt , on the other hand , can be quite forgiving when you want , especially when you are in danger with the subject in question. Sounds like extreme circumstances arrived , and as the synopsis says : "the situation quickly gets out of control. " History of the life of TVD .

She's like Elena -Matt 's first love !
We're still not convinced that Matt has passed completely over Elena page - or at least he may not have been the last time we saw him. The guy was willing to allow Elena drink his blood regularly and voluntarily let Damon broke her neck in an attempt to bring humanity back to Elena . That is serious stuff . Now , it is obvious that Elena and Katherine are very different but have the same face . That will be an advantage for Katherine in win over some of the people who want to its dual .

Matt is a nice guy
Not so long ago , Rebekah was a vampire human longing to be emotionally vulnerable with Matt hangs out because he's a wimp. Now , just arrived from a romantic summer abroad. If Rebekah represents the "type" of Matt , then Katherine fits perfectly . She's not a vampire who wants to be human , but a human who wants to be a vampire - which we estimate, is not so far . Also imagine that she is quite vulnerable emotionally after a summer trying to adapt to eat food and wear sunscreen .

Both are human !
In a series populated pricipamente vampires , wolves and hybrids , Matt and Katherine are the only humans left . We feel as if Katherine should be in its own category , considering he has lived for 500 years but it is technically human again. If anyone can sympathize with her ​​about the difficulties this brings and, more importantly , demonstrate the ways in which is amazing, is Matt . Also, if your relationship works , they can grow old together - you know, if you do not break your neck first.

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