Friday, October 4, 2013

Stefan will be out of his mind this season


Paul Wesley has played in several incarnations of his character , from the sensible to the Ripper Stefan Stefan and various shades in between . But at the beginning of season 5 , Wesley faces his biggest challenge playing two characters - one Stefan destroyed physically and Silas doppelganger immortal and manipulative .

At the end of last season , Stefan is leaving town to bury what he thought was the body of Silas while also getting a fresh start away from Mystic Falls and love of his life , Elena , who is now dating her brother Damon. However, his game plan was wrong when Silas suddenly become a "shadow self " - a doppelganger - locked him in a coffin and thrown into the river .

" Stefan is really fucking head when you leave the quarry ," says Wesley in the video below . "He had all these experiences of torture and so now does not react the same way as before and not as malleable. Definitely a different man ."

Before Stefan return to Mystic Falls, Silas will . His friends and his brother did not know immediately that he is not . But it will not be long before Damon and Jeremy feel that something happens - especially when this "new" Stefan is completely different, much more conceited.

" Silas has a lot of pain and anger , but is masked ," says Wesley . " [ There are ] intimidated by anything and the world is your playground. Has 2,000 years old and is supremely himself as more interesting and sophisticated. He does not feed on people , thought to be crude and primitive , so that manipulates people to cut and shed their blood and then drinking it , he's a bit posh " .

As Stefan Silas suffers and causes havoc , connecting Elena with Stefan proves stronger than ever , giving you a deep sense that something is very wrong . "When you're in love with someone , even if it is your life you have that connection with them, the love is still there , whether romantic or not." Nina Dobrev says . " When she finds out what has happened will not be easy for her."

Ultimately, Elena , Damon and company realize that thought is Stefan who is actually Silas , while at the same time Stefan finally come out of his perpetual state of suffocation. As theses two versions co-exist , Wesley interpreted the two characters until the bad guy is defeated this season - at least that it is not. While fans may remember that last epic villain , Klaus , was originally going to die in season 2 . How he became a fan favorite , his character remained in the series and ultimately wrote itself . What if Wesley received the same adoration during his time as Silas ? . Executive producer Julie Plec tells us that there is always a backup plan.

" He is a villain and at some point the bad guy needs to be addressed and overcome , no matter how good they are. So we'll see ." Plec says .

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