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Stefan (Paul Wesley ) can not spend the entire Season 5 perpetually drowning in the river bottom , right? But how Stefan will come out? How will this ordeal his perspective of the people who are in your life? Paul spoke with ETonline on possible changes to the Stelena and Steroline in the new season.

- The Disorder Post -Traumatic Stress Stefan

When Stefan out of the river , not everything will be rosy . Paul called the experience " endless torture " for Stefan and said, " He's really sick in the head . Almost as if the disorder of post -traumatic stress . " But one thing that this experience has given Stefan , and it is time to reflect on his life - and the people in it.

" You will discover that the only way you can support yourself is to recreate hallucinations that are revealing, " said Paul . " Somehow, epiphanies are having down there. " Epiphany Stefan # 1 : Should I stop going to school .

- Stelena Platonic
Any hallucination about Stelena ? According to Paul , Stefan and Elena (Nina Dobrev ) are in the friend zone now , and your relationship will be unlike anything we've seen so far.

" I have fans looking forward to see this new version of their relationship because I think I was getting a little superfluous , " said Paul . " They arrived in a very platonic towards the end of season 3 and to be honest , and do not see it as a triangle . In my eyes , they became friends, so there's something that's totally bizarre - like being at the bottom of a river , drowning over and over again - . It's okay because it adds another variable that can mix things up and perhaps lead to a new and strange romance. "

- Hope for the Steroline
As the other woman in her life - her best friend Caroline (Candice Accola ) - is there any possibility that his feelings for her also change in Season 5 ?

"So far everything has been relatively platonic between them, but , again , some circumstances that occur that Stefan will see in it a new light, " said Paul . " I do not know how she will feel about him ."

What is this "new light" Stefan see in Caroline ? ! That sounds pretty promising us . And since Caroline current boyfriend recently broke the news that there 's going to college with her for the voice message you left , we wonder if Caroline will not begin to seek companionship elsewhere.

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