Saturday, December 14, 2013



Here are some revelations of the next episode:

- In addition to seeing Damon in the 1950 season and leather jacket, Dr. Maxfield makes him some "evidence" that make you remember a time when you stuck with needles. Also revives a memory of a relative Salvatore have not seen in a while.

- Now that the last of Damon Augustine has been revealed, be prepared for some "very interesting flashbacks" episode of December 5, forward Ian Somerhalder, who described the visions as "brutal" and "crazy." In fact, they are so mad that his co-star Nina Dobrev could barely see them. "It was disgusting," says the scenes. "I do not like that kind of thing and I hated to see it. Probably I will have to close your eyes when you see it on TV."

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