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"Our fans make this boat go , and they inspire me to do my best ," says Ian Somerhalder , who plays Damon Salvatore . After 5 seasons , obsessive fans of the supernatural series have made ​​it one of the most watched programs of the CW . We interviewed Ian on the fall finale that dislocated jaw.

The last chapters have flashes of the year 1950, when Damon suffered terrible vampiric experiments. What do we learn about their experience ?
Have an idea of ​​how it affected everything. You realize - and I said it from day one - that Damon had bad intentions but for the right reasons . Use humor as medicine for pain, and see who has experienced great pain.

In these episodes , viewers will also learn about significant Damon 's past , right?
Enzo . They were very close. But unfortunately , Damon threw this guy under the bus, and that screwed up. Also know Dr. Whitmore , who is instrumental in the vampire world .

Damon ? Opens to Elena about her horrible story ?
Damon usually does not reveal much of what has happened in your life , but there is a scene where he talks about how she became the way she is . It's very intimate . Damon did something that is exceptionally dark .

On the light side , we imagine that Damon 50 was a total Marlon Brando. Do we go ?

Has a motorcycle jacket and boots. It's like a cross between Mick Jagger and Cary Grant, Marlon Brando mode .

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