Saturday, December 14, 2013


The 100th episode is a very important number for any American series , not only because not all are able to get on it because it brings a significant financial reward . 100 is the ideal number to sign contracts to organize so cherished , in which the producer of the series sold broadcast rights to cable networks or local stations, these agreements generally are closed episodes with prices of several thousand dollars per episode ( the more so with the best series episodes ) and represents a lot of money for both the study and the main chain to the issues (in this case Warner Bros. TV Studios and CW) .

In the case of "The Vampire Diaries" , episode 100 take the name " 500 years of solitude " (500 Years of Solitude ), and although not much is known of the argument, having been kept in total secrecy , thanks to ad IMD know that will bring together several of the characters who have been through the series and at some moments of these 5 seasons have left us .

Usually episode 100 is of exhibit strong and powerful stories , so we're eager to see it.

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