Thursday, December 26, 2013

Katherine and Nadia in a flashback

Newcomer to Mystic Falls, Katherine's daughter, Nadia, you should still stay for a while in season 5 of 'Vampire Diaries'. In any case, we should find out more about his character and his special relationship with his mother. The young actress Ashlyn Jade Lopez has been hired by the producers to give life to Nadia, in his younger years.

And we can already see it through social networks by showing a photo Nina Dobrev on the set of the series, along with the small. This is from filming a flashback scene, during which you will discover how Katherine was with Nadia, at that time, and how their relationship ended maleándose.

We do not know when this episode will be aired. Meanwhile the next episode 11 season 5 'Vampire Diaries' will be issued on Thursday January 23, 2104 in the American CW network.

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