Saturday, December 14, 2013


Julie Plec confessed to The Hollywood Reporter that this will happen very soon , before the end of November .

When Tyler enters "The Originals" would start a story with his partner Hayley Wolf , who expects a baby Klaus.

It seems that the visit to New Orleans hybrid with still bring much more than a simple plan for revenge. It will answer a couple of questions , one of which is the first part of the mystery of wolf protection . Also introduce many more questions , lots of things will come out of this crossover that will change the dynamics of the core of the original family.

As Plec explains , the crossover of Tyler sheds more light on the continuing mission to discover its origins Hayley .

"One of the great things Hayley poses quietly, and all that took her to New Orleans, first, is to try to get answers about his lineage and the mystery of the brand on the shoulder ," Plec said. " The only thing that makes Tyler put his foot in this world is to give answers and more information. He take her to a place in the swamp where you will begin to understand a little of where it comes ."

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