Thursday, July 25, 2013



It's been a difficult summer for Stefan. Silas locked the vampire in a watery grave, and now the old doppelganger will cause a storm in Mystic Falls.

According to a new spoiler from TV Guide, about which I commented, Silas still has the suicide - and his girlfriend - in the brain. "He still wants to break free of what he calls" the stinking immortal life 2,000 years, "says executive producer Julie Plec." Keep hope to die, to cross over and be with her ​​true love. But of course, things will change along the way. "

How much visa Silas Stefan used to promote this goal?, Not clear. The only thing Julie Silas says is that its appearance will be a problem for Elena and Damon.

However, the band may have bigger problems on your hands. "He will be causing many problems in the beginning of the season, for sure, but by no means is the biggest villain in the fifth season," says Julia Silas.

Can there be a greater threat than the immortal Silas?, The most powerful supernatural creature. We would like to know how the writers resolve this.

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