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"The Vampire Diaries" is a fan favorite at Comic Con in San Diego, and now its spin-off "The Originals" made its big premiere with a panel for the first time. Some new video was presented, but the bulk of the panel was focused on the introduction of new and familiar characters beyond what they saw in the pilot.

In an alternate ending can be a witch locked in an attic by Marcel. Julie Plec promises that this character is one of the great mysteries of the season 1.

The pilot was already on a previous night, but it turns out the first real episode of the series will be an account of what fans saw in April. However, "we will see now that we did not get to see in the previous pilot," says producer Julie Plec.

Rebekah in New Orleans will not appear until episode 2 because even has a story to end with Matt.

Rebekah is not alone in letting someone in Mystic Falls. Elijah also had to say goodbye to Katherine, and although he still has feelings for her, their level of devotion to family comes first for him.

Klaroline Then there are the fans who are not super-happy about the fact that Klaus will have a baby. The relationship still might try. "No there is not," says Julie Plec. "If something is lake and Buffy and Angel. She made an impact on him." However, the ambiguity of the panel only suggests the apparent end of the relationship.

According to Julie Plec the relationship between Hayley and Klaus will not necessarily end romantic beyond the bond that unites them (the baby). For Morgan, something a little different was what attracted Hayley Klaus. "He has had two and a half seasons of celibacy, so I had some pent up energy," laughs Morgan.

Charles Michael Davis said his new character, Marcel, will be explored through flashbacks throughout the season 1. In the early episodes will see how Marcel and Klaus met.

When a fan asked if the baby Klaus and Hayley will be a hybrid or a new creature, Plec said: "I obviously I can not give an answer to that." However, she gave an answer, saying: "I think everyone has their own opinion about what this baby means ... There will be a million debates supernatural ... going to be part of the fun of waiting to be born. "

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