Thursday, July 25, 2013



- Elena Katherine forced to take the cure. Do vengeance approaches Season 5?
J. Plec: Yes, and certainly not Elena is very happy to see that Katherine is fragile and needs protection.

- Speaking of doubles, is that Stefan is double Silas!
J. Plec: We decided that when we talked about who should be the villain of Season 4. We wanted to give Paul a number of opportunities in history. He is always looking to have as much fun as possible playing Stefan, so we came up with something fun and extreme.

- At the end of Season Silas Stefan locked in a box and threw it in a lake. What will happen to the poor guy?
J. Plec: The choke and wake up again and again. You will see the amount of psychological damage this will do.

- With the real Stefan out of the way, what is the agenda of Silas in Mystic Falls?
J. Plec: Maintains hope to die to cross over and be with her true love. But of course, things will change along the way.

- Is the villain in the upcoming season?
J. Plec: He causes many problems at the beginning of the season, but not meant to be the big villain.

- Damon Elena finally chose. Can we expect Silas cause problems in the new couple?
 J. Plec: With Elena in college and her boyfriend at home, the return of Stefan - Stefan really is not - twist things.

- Jeremy is alive! You were always scheduled to return? And what is his future now that his ex, Bonnie, is dead?
J. Plec: First Elena wanted to heal emotionally. We wanted to go back on our way, so that your pain would not seem false. Jeremy's return in exchange for Bonnie's life was tragic, but this puts them on a course to have some sort of supernatural romance.

- Matt and Rebekah really travel the world together?
J. Plec: Yes, and Matt Donovan's life has changed forever.

- But what happens on the road stays on the road?
J. Plec: Yes. [Laughs]

- Do the characters of TVD visit The Original and vice versa?
J. Plec: I hope so! We deliberately left a lot of unfinished business.

- So we can expect more romantic moments between Klaus and Caroline?
J. Plec: It could be. Leave it does not seem fair.

- TVD Will some new life in Fall?

J. Plec: Yes, there will be new faces - some friends and some enemies.

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