Thursday, July 25, 2013



Season 5 of 'Vampire Diaries' will start on October 10 in the CW channel. According to producer Caroline Dries, the series will give a great twist for next season, following the departure of the plot of the Originals and in step with the University of Elena and Caroline, as the characters change and besides having a frame around Mystic Falls with Damon and Jeremy, have another more focused on Caroline and Elena and their new world. One of the novelties are the unpublished scenarios should be introduced next season. The division of intrigue could, however, limit the interactions between certain characters, to the disappointment of some ...

The Salvatore brothers' relationship is metamorphosed by the arrival of Silas, as there will be only Damon and Stefan. Silas is a completely different character, this completely changes the dynamic between the brothers since for example see the doppleganger, like Stefan, interacting with Damon but will be something totally different than usual. Besides Damon, after four seasons, has won the hearts of Elena will allow him to maintain a real relationship and will amuse watch.

With the departure of Joseph Morgan, lost a great evil, but Silas is an exceptionally bad because it is the first immortal and is a pretty weird guy.

At the end of season 4 of 'Vampire Diaries', let the poor drowning Stefan sentenced to resurrect and again and again. But what will happen in season 5 when the vampire get out of this hell? Paul Wesley, his interpreter, explains that his character will "drink a beer and smoke a cigarette '. Ensures that knows very little about the psychological state in which the character is.

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