Thursday, July 25, 2013


During the first day of Comic Con 2013 the pilot project with images that were edited from episode 4.20 of The Vampire Diaries. Following the description of these scenes:

"After living Klaus agrees to let Hayley and baby, Elijah returns to pick up" the girl, "as he calls it, and takes it with him.'s Obviously extremely interested in your safety and the baby. Even takes off his jacket and offers it to keep it warm. There is a small glimpse of a future perhaps romantic between these two. makes clear that if anything happens to her, the witches have to deal with it. in the following scene, Klaus, Marcel and his vampires are celebrating in the streets of New Orleans. seem to be engaged in a sort of parade, while Klaus knows it's all part of a plan to take back what is theirs. Sadly, for fans Klaus / Caroline, that sweet voice message left him in episode 4x20 has been replaced by this scene. the episode ends with a young witch named Davina, who happens to be the secret weapon of Marcel to keep witches at bay. has the ability to sense when magic is being used and based on their actions, their own magic seems to be very powerful. "

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