Thursday, July 25, 2013


Joseph Morgan will play the central character in 'The Originals', the spin-off of 'The Vampire Diaries'. The new series will bring Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah. The original trio of vampires is now installed in New Orleans to continue their adventures. A few days ago Joseph Morgan explained that for him out of Mystic Falls Klaus was an inevitable thing. It stated: 'For me, the idea that a man from 1000 years choose a place like Mystic Falls to settle, rather than a big city like London, Paris or New Orleans was not a realistic choice'. It is unquestionably true that this reflection is understood Morgan. Klaus is a character of such magnitude as he needed a big city to open.

Joseph Morgan also explains that if Klaus had not gone far, it would be just as supporting character in Mystic Falls 'This would become the protagonists of characters weak and stupid' because in one way or another Klaus is immortal, the boys 'The Vampire Diaries' can never kill him. Morgan recognizes that the protagonists of the series will always be Elena, Stefan and Damon matter what. This spin-off is as an escape route for the character of Klaus.

The actor explained that the pilot of 'The Originals' clearly showed that preparing a great war between witches and vampires and that he liked the dark side of the series. "I hope that through the seasons, 'The Originals' history becomes the salvation of Klaus' added. To finish, explains that the chance of a 'cross between both series' was not impossible and therefore the relationship between Klaus and Caroline could end well.

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