Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kat Graham talks about the future

Season 5 continues showing he! The new season of 'The Vampire Diaries' will start on October 10th on the CW. Kat Graham has given an interview to Hollywood Life and spoke of the future of Bonnie and Jeremy.

Steven R. McQueen had talked about the future of Bonnie and Jeremy, and now Kat Graham declared himself very satisfied with the way the writers have evolved the relationship between the two characters. Ensures feel comfortable with the direction that lead even know exactly where to go. Next season, Jeremy will be the only one with which Bonnie is able to communicate, and therefore the only link enters her and the rest of the series. According to the actress this will make your relationship to become even more intimate to be more unity and support among them. The relationship between the two characters will, nevertheless, complicated, but it could last for many episodes ... Graham says he has felt great the entire time he has been in the series and even if only a single scene in the four years come will feel equally well.

Do the writers who have decided to return to Jeremy to life last season, will work a similar miracle for Bonnie? "We will see in season 5 when she returns to life or if she disappears. I take advantage of the trip in the series. We talked Bonnie's death. It is. Continue consecrating to 100%. "It will have more of a scene, but it is clear that their interactions will be limited next season.

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