Thursday, July 25, 2013


A few months after the release of season 5 of 'The Vampire Diaries' spoilers new round after being unveiled the first extract at Comic Con in San Diego. First, the happiness of Damon and Elena could last for some time, but not forever, as revealed the series creator Julie Plec: "There is no drama in happiness, but try to keep them happy despite all evidence to be overcome and try to separate them. "Ian Somerhalder, Damon interpreter said for his part that has not yet digested the election of Ellen: "I ​​thought you were joking. Damon never gets the girl "he said. And life will not be a pink puff not to Silas despite their great power. Plec said that there is always someone worse than you that you can win, but that this season will focus mainly on how Silas became what it is today. During season 5, Elena and Caroline will go to college, and that is tantamount to saying that there will be ripe to pick Candice Accola announced. The actress said that Caroline would do everything possible to follow up Tyler Whitmore University, following the departure of Klaus. The romance between the blonde and the original will not end despite all this. Bonnie, meanwhile, face a difficult start to the season. The witch should end by understanding who gave his own life for the person he loved and has to accept it. At first, you can communicate only with Jeremy, as we had announced. "We'll see how long can you keep the secret and if still here." Said Kat Graham. As for the return to life of Jeremy, Elena will be standing a madwoman as history would have to be dead burning home before Mystic Falls.

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