Thursday, July 25, 2013

Three persons in a bed


"The Vampire Diaries" introduced a few new faces in season 5 - Kendrick Sampson and Olga Fonda.

Sampson has acted in "Greek" in the role of Woodchuck, and guest starred on "CSI" and "The days of our life." Fonda may be recognized by minor roles in TV series such as "Nip-Tuck", "How I Met Your Mother", "Entourage", "Melrose Place" and "Nikita".

Kendrick Sampson and Olga Fonda will join "Vampire Diaries" as recurring characters in season five. Sampson will of Jesse, a character who has uneasy at Forwood and Caroline. According to a report on, viewers will meet in college Jesse Whitmore. The college student, who is described as a "good guy, smart, confident and charmingly sweet", draw the attention of Caroline. Unfortunately, Jessy is no friend of vampires.

Fonda also draw the attention of a personjaje - or two. reports that she will make a "beautiful mysterious European following Rebekah and Matt back to Mystic Falls." Above Spoilers Nadiam have called the character but the name could be changed. Nadia turns out to be "someone who gives a warning to Stefan about the Originals," and while that initially spoiler has confounded fans, makes more sense now knowing that she will move towards Mystic Falls.

But not the only news we have the character of Olga Fonda. In the Convention of "Vampire Diaries" in Parsippany, New Jersey, on Saturday, Zach Roerig revealed some intriguing spoilers that seem to fit with the character of Fonda, Nadia. Roerig told fans that the filming of this fifth season began on Wednesday, and the first scene he shot was in bed with two women - a vampire and a gypsy.

As you know fans of the CW series, the fourth season ended with Matt telling Rebekah to go to Europe with her. The couple will be in Prague when they encounter Fonda's character.

Matt Roerig also advanced in the convention that the "third person" in your bed will stay in the village and end up being "good" friend Matt - emphasizing the "good." "The Vampire Diaries" returns to the CW for its fifth season on October 10.

What do you think of the new characters and spoilers for the fifth season? Would you like to see Matt with a new love interest as Nadia? Do you support turning the page of Tyler Caroline and Klaus? Let us know your opinion in the comments section!

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