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Interview to Caroline Dries


The Vampire Diaries begins his fifth season with a lot of changes - the series not only divides to give life to his spin-off ( The Originals ) , and various people heading to college, the program has the opportunity to take a new direction.

Executive producer Caroline Dries GiveMeMyRemote held an interview in which he reveals details of the main lines of this season 5 .

Given all the changes give the 5th season - losing regular characters , graduation , college - what do you think has been the biggest challenge of the new season ?
Caroline Dries : It's interesting that many people have asked [ about losing the original family ] , but ended with that cliffhanger so strong with Silas , a great villain , [and ] Katherine is human, [which is ] a big change in character dynamics . So we've had a lot of wealth when it comes to bad . It's not like there's a huge gap in the series , including the original vampires added a freshness to it. The finale has thrown us all this.

I remember at the end of Season 1 , when we are starting the 2nd , had finished as cliffhangers 900,000 , and sat in the writers' room and saying, " Does anyone have any idea how to fit the pieces ? " We already had enough the plate. [ for the 5th season] . Elena knew we wanted to go to college . It's a new world. We can leave the originals go to New Orleans.

While you have embarked in season 5 , has there been a character that surprised you most ?
CD: No doubt Katherine as a human. She is still Katherine , but is the best and the worst human vampire . So it's a pleasure to write . Brian [Young ] wrote episiodio 2, where we see a side of Katherine which is hilarious. And if it were any other character , say "meh , " but as Katherine , is hilarious.

And Silas , I think it's cool. Originally we were thinking : " It may not mean much . Or maybe it keeps things to himself. " But that's not fun to write . So Paul [ Wesley ] brings a fun personality [ Silas ] and I think he is coming out.

The small progress we had in season 5 at Comic -Con showed Silas controlling a lot of people . It will pursue a strategy ? According to the season progresses ?
CD: Yes , that's his power, is immortal , but it's like the psychic exploited , being immortal is immortal - we have enough people in the series. So he becomes aware of a change in the premiere. And it becomes a creepy character , because if anyone can anticipate what you do , that's the worst villain.

How do you begin to put the pieces together to discover that Silas is pretending to be Stefan ?
CD: I will not say how, but I will say that our characters are smart and have a lot of resources at their disposal . So one by one, will realize . But it is something that will be harmful to some of the main characters. It is as if to keep the secret all season , it will soon.

Now that Damon and Elena are dating , how is their happiness?
CD: When we started thinking about Damon and Elena in a relationship, we were ... never seen Damon in a relationship. I sat down to write a scene with him , and was like ... [ makes a gesture of disgust ] .

Do not want to make a cheesy version of it , so it stays on the edge and dark Damon , because that to me is what it has signed Elena . It's like going out with a rock star , do not want to start behaving like Beethoven once ye out . So we make sure that it still has all the characteristic of Damon , but just happy. We can give you a lot of problems varied to handle it. It's like spinning plates.

What is the reaction of Katherine Damon as a human ?
CD: It goes from laughter.

It's what she does when she is horrible.
CD: Of course .

How is Bonnie with his death ?
CD: [ Joking ] I get along . No, Bonnie sacrificed herself for Jeremy - no matter who was conscious in doing so, she forced too , knew what he was doing, and now she's dead . But look, be able to die and still be in touch with your friends is pretty cool. She will go through a change in his character in the first chunk of episodes where he accepts the fact that she is dead . It's a slow process for her.

Since many have returned from the dead - including Jeremy - she is thinking "well , I just need to find someone to take me back?
CD: [ Jokingly ] " Hey , what about me , fellas? Hello? " [Laughs ] That's going to be one of the frames . I do not know if it will work or not, but the idea came because we brought enough people [ from death] and returned to many, and it's like ... what about Bonnie ? It's a storyline .

Matt and Rebekah went for adventure, but only he will return to Mystic Falls completely. What can you share how he copes what things ?
CD: We'll see a little Rebekah . Just see it , it was like ... " oh , we miss not having it in every episode. She promised Matt a trip around the world, so we gave it . They have a fun dynamic to the premiere. He is coming back a little more sophisticated , it was Matt Donovan , who worked at the Grill. Now is Matt Donovan , who works at the Grill and has cool pictures . [Laughs ] We see a little bit about how her world tour .

Right. How is Caroline in college? How much will be Tyler in Season 5 ?
CD : Can you imagine being the roommate Caroline ? She has everything arranged and decorated . You will have fun super good in college, and I love it.

About Tyler , is her story for the first chapters : discover at what point is with Tyler . Because if you remember the finale , Klaus said, " I give you permission." Hey, that's not the best way to start the foundation of a relationship. Caroline is an entrepreneur . Going to make that relationship with Tyler pass. Still support them .

We talked about Silas as Stefan , but Stefan itself. Do you see much while you are trapped, or will screentime aside until it is able to break free since there is a limit on what you can do down there?
CD: [ jokingly ] What are you talking about? You can sing " 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall" ! You can make small twists and turns [ in the safe ] .

Believe it or not , Stefan has a story - we have comments that nobody talked about Stefan at Comic - Con; Stefan has a really rich history in the premiere that I'm actually very excited. It's nice and probably very difficult to talk about it are spoilearte everything. But I will say that he suffers and their stories are heartbreaking , but we got to have a big argument with him.

Intriguing . Is there anything else you can tell us?
CD: They will come new characters . It will develop new mythologies. Our mythology is still opening and enriching , I think. It's why I'm excited. Even as the season 5, is innovative.

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