Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Dopplegangers plan


We did not imagine one day seeing Katherine in the cold or tired but that's something that can happen in 'The Vampire Diaries'. Next season 5, the former brunette vampire played by Nina Dobrev, mortal human now, will offer a really fun sequences as producer announces 'Vampire Diaries' Caroline Dries.

"Katherine evidently remains, which we already know. But though she has the art of being a good vampire, will have more problems to be a an ordinary human ... It was a pleasure to write this turn of character. Especially episode 2, centered about Katherine because it's fun ... ".

We knew that the writers of 'The Vampire Diaries' were eager to play with Dopplegangers again in the season opener, so much to see Silas, who now has the appearance of Stefan (Paul Wesley) and tries to imitate "at first, we considered not get too party and leave it in a discrete plane, but so much fun creating the scripts that we could not help it. And if we add that Paul (Wesley) is delighted to get into the character of Silas ... ".

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