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Now that Elena has professed his love for Damon in The Vampire Diaries, the big question is : How long will it be before the bug Damon ?

" One of the biggest barriers [ to them ] , especially for Damon , is to ensure that no blunder because it has a tendency to do , whether willingly or not , " Nina Dobrev tells us in an interview on the film set . " He's going to try to have a good behavior and Elena going to accept it, but she knows how and sometimes that comes to the surface and is remembered . But try to make it work for love prevails and want your love may yet . 've been through a lot to get to where they are now . Failure to keep fighting for it , would be a shame . "

Last season , Elena experienced the greatest challenge of his life to become a vampire . From there , things went downhill . First, he lost his brother Jeremy and then had his emotions off. After Elena touched bottom , regained some of his humanity , leading to last worthy moment between her and Damon. But at the beginning of the fifth season , the couple certainly still in the honeymoon phase , will be hit by a large number of challenges , including long-distance romance , new enemies at the University , an evil villain they think is Stefan , and then the last devastation when Elena discovers that his former love has been suffering all summer.

" She knows she's in love with Damon , but Stefan still cares and wants to make sure it's right , " says Dobrev . " When you discover what has been going , it will not be easy for her. "

Although it seems that this season is going down the level of his usual dark , Dobrev says that initially , at least , we will see Elena " brighter " .
" I had so much fun playing this season because Elena is more happy and bright, " says Dobrev . " Unknown tragic what has happened, so it is not affected ... and darker at the end , but right now is carefree , happy and excited about her new boyfriend and the University . "

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