Saturday, September 7, 2013

Stefan and Elena


Clearly, Nina Dobrev has the art, year after year, to put the touch of chilli to hope fans of The Vampire Diaries, who want to see Elena Damon's partner being in season 5, instead of Stefan. For the actress, the relationship between the young heroine and her first love is still strong ... So much so that she will quickly realize that the Stefan he has before his eyes not his Stefan, in the first episode ...

"She has that rare feeling that something. It is a kind of cosmic connection that one has with someone and you do not lose too long though ... And besides, I do not know if this connection will disappear one day, "says Nina Dobrev.

"Elena knows that Damon is in love, but is still closely linked to Stefan and want to make sure is right and when he discovers the ordeal he lived (in his coffin under water), it is not something easy to digest for her."

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