Sunday, September 15, 2013

Season 5 Poster

Today was released the first promotional image of the fifth season, and from The Vampire Diaries in Spanish have performed an analysis on the relationship between location of the characters in the picture and the main frame of the new season


-On the one hand, the plot of Stefan / Silas is evident by the presence of force against Silas doing what looks like the reflection of Stefan, who remember is locked deep into a lake.

-For other a totally Damon and Elena back and clearly separate Katherine that seems to stand between the two. Trouble in paradise?

-Matt is clearly located in the center of the whole network. Julie Plec said that Matt would have a very important plot this season. In the first chapters we will see the first signs of that will be that frame. It certainly seems to be the center of everything and everyone.

-Another obvious pattern is that of Jeremy and Bonnie, since the latter can only contact him from the other side. What I assume will cause a greater "rapprochement" between the two.

-And finally, Tyler and Caroline. The mere existence of Tyler in the series makes sense in relation to the character of Caroline, so surely also have a plot ready for these two. Surprising too, that the happy Caroline seen a suit so dark and dismal compared to red Elena. Will we see a dark Caroline perhaps?

The sentence that names the poster says "blood lines have been burned. Battle lines are drawn."

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