Sunday, September 15, 2013

Candice Accola on Caroline and Jesse

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 premiere is inching ever closer, and though things in Mystic Falls promise to be as crazy as ever, Candice Accola says Caroline and Elena (Nina Dobrev) are just looking for some normal. Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with the newly engaged actress while she was in hair and makeup for a shoot with Ford, and she explained why the vamps are attempting to leave the supernatural behind as they head to Whitmore College.

Can you tell us what you’re doing with Ford?

Ford is partnering up and helping CW launch and kick off on their series and season premieres. And by doing that they’ve enlisted agents to drive around their own Ford Fiesta, a 2014 Ford Fiesta, and go on these really exciting, fun adventures that they’re calling missions. And they get to go behind the scenes of their favorite CW shows to showcase their passion and their talent.

Will we see Caroline driving a Fiesta at college?

You know how Caroline loves her Ford Fiesta. I don’t think we’ve seen Caroline driving in college quite yet, but she’s definitely a Ford girl.

Congratulations on your engagement [to The Fray’s Joe King].

Thank you! Thanks so much.

So do you have a Pinterest board full of ideas?

Oh, yes. I’ve slipped down that slippery slope.

Have you started planning?

Kind of. By planning, just coming up with impractical ideas, then yes, I’ve been planning a lot.

So you don’t have a date set?

Between balancing me in Atlanta, him on the road or living in Denver, and then us working all over the place, we’re just focusing on seeing each other as much as we can.

Between the new guy Jesse, Tyler, and Klaus, Caroline basically has a different guy every day of the week. What can you tell us about Caroline and Jesse?

Caroline and Jesse. Jesse is a boy at college that Caroline and Elena meet and he happens to be very good looking, which is weird for The CW. They’re trying something new this year.

That’s it?

He’s another student at Whitmore College, where the girls are going, and so there’s a budding friendship that a lot of people have speculated on potentially being more than that. But it’s still early in the series.

Will Jesse and some of the other newcomers be savvy to the vampire world or will they be completely in the dark?

Right now as we kick off into Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries, with the girls going to college, it actually has a really beautiful start, where they’re really just focused on being college freshman. And they’re really just looking for that human experience of what it means to go to college for the first time. And so there’s a really beautiful tone of that in the season opener. So, obviously with other storylines, we’re going to keep on — there’s still supernatural storylines going on within the series. As far as Caroline and Elena are concerned, they’re really just focusing on having a human experience. And so those that are surrounding them as well — that’s kind of the world that they’re in now. They’re running away from the supernatural world.

Catch the Season 5 premiere of The Vampire Diaries on Thursday, October 3, 2013, at 8 pm ET on The CW.

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