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6 New faces of season 5


When The Vampire Diaries returns for its fifth season on October 3, fans may feel as if they were watching a new series: Elena is officially with Damon, and she and Caroline are now students of the nearby University of Whitmore. Damon is living with Jeremy, who is the only one that knows that Bonnie died after resurrecting him. And Stefan, the Doppelgänger of Silas, was trapped underwater surely drowning over and over again. "You have all these strange dreams and visions", says Paul Wesley, "and when you leave, will suffer a kind of postrauatico stress disorder."

All these changesare new, and beautiful, expensive that they will join our favorites in Mystic Falls. We asked the Executive producers Julie Plec and Caroline Dries so to submit them to us.

Silas (Paul Wesley)

The face is familiar, but is a completely different role for Wesley, who now plays an immortal 2000-year-old who quickly returns to Mystic Falls. "The fun of Silas is that it is very similar to the first season Damon since plot something but no one can find out that it is," says executive producer Julie Plec. "Damon in particular, is becoming mad because the roles are reversed. Do if you remember the first season, Stefan was always telling him to Damon ' what frames?' and Damon was like, 'That is something that only I know me and you...'. Silas is using the same tricks that Damon, it touches to Damon to get to the bottom of what you want to Silas, what you are doing to get it, how it will affect them all, and finally, how to stop it." Wesley is agreed that Silas is fun: "Silas definitely sees Damon as someone who is below her, at all levels - experience, knowledge." Damon has always been the pusher that surpasses all others. So it's fun, "says Wesley. "I'm taking the rematch for the languid and sad Stefan for five years."

Aaron (Shaun Sipos)

As says the Executive producer Caroline Dries, "girls are going to College, and not only to study and learn. They go for the guys." They know the human student Jesse in the premiere. "It starts being just someone who finds to our dear Caroline Forbes very interesting and attractive. "And she, of course, remains faithful to Tyler, who still has not appeared in the University," Plec says. "She tries to keep him at Bay without hurting their feelings, but is very sweet, ready and tempting." Furthermore, it is also something more: "as we come to know him, opens the doors to a great mystery that is taking place at the University," said Dries. 'It is rooted in the supernatural mythology of there."

Nadia (Olga Fonda)

The mysterious Czech beauty follows Matt home after his torrid romance of summer abroad with Rebekah at the premiere of the season. "Who is, is the great mystery. Seems to be just some momentary they left behind in their European Tourbillon, but when it appears, it makes clear that there's more in it than it seems at first glance, "Plec says. "Between she and Silas, definitely have our hands full of people causing trouble in Mystic Falls. "Advance extra:" people should expect everything with Matt this season, but we cannot say anything about it ", Plec says."Matt has got a good plot this year. Starts with a sexy and intense event in Prague, and from there continued. "Our small Matty has had a good summer."

Dr. Wes Maxfield (Rick Cosnett)

You will remember that Whitmore University is where Bonnie's grandmother taught, as well as Professor Shane. So you can understand why Elena and Caroline might think this bright, young and sexy Professor of Microbiology has something to hide when they manage to reach their advanced class trying to solve a mystery in episode 2, and it, in the words of Plec, "their attention instantly because they do not belong, the helplessness and take them."

Tessa (Janina Gavankar)

"' Like Nadia, reach our world still clearly not who seems to be," says Plec's exotic beauty that makes her first appearance in episode 3. She comes to Mystic Falls in order to rekindle an old love. "Part of the mystery is to find out who he is, he wants to, and why he wants it," Plec says.

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